Until all Israel is saved.

Romans 11:26


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"At every wedding there are two funerals—if you do it right!”


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Join Ron & Elana for an UNFORGETTABLE Holy Land Experience.

Israel Awaits

March 3-10, 2023


Here is a little bit about me. I serve as President of Shelanu TV, the only 24.7, Hebrew language TV channel sharing the message of Yeshua.  I also serve as the Israel Director for God TV, where I host two TV shows—Out of Zion and Get Real. 


I was born into a Jewish home, circumcised and Bar Mitzvah'd, but I did not know God! I realized at age 17, there must be more. This led me on a journey where I discovered that Yeshua (Jesus), whom I thought was for the Gentiles, was in fact, the Jewish Messiah.

Check out the video about my first 15 years in Israel!


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On Israel's Independence Day in 2020, Shelanu TV was born as a partnership with GOD TV and several Israeli ministries. Shelanu is the first 24.7 Hebrew-language, digital TV channel, broadcasting Yeshua's Message. 

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Tikkun Global Family

Tikkun Global is a worldwide, apostolic family of leaders, ministries, and congregations based in Israel. We are contending for the restoration of the Church and Israel.

Helping Hands

Messiah's Mandate

Messiah's Mandate is our outreach arm. When you support MMI, you are supporting pastors in Israel, Holocaust Survivors, leaders in training and so much more. Through MMI, we give you the opportunity to bless Israelis in need.

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Israel Awaits 

Join Ron & Elana for an UNFORGETTABLE

Holy Land Experience

March 3-10, 2023

Media & Humanitarian Aid