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Through our ministry, Messiah's Mandate, I have been blessed to author several books including the popular novel on the Jewish Roots of the New Testament, Identity Theft and my testimony, Leave me alone, I'm Jewish!   I also blog about issues contected to Israel and the Kingdom and have dozens of Youtube teaching videos. And we now send out a monthly newsletter with teaching and testimony from the Tiferet Yeshua mnistry team here in Tel Aviv. 

I serve as the CEO of Tikkun Global, a family of Messianic congregations, ministries and leaders, dedicated to the dual restoration of Israel and the Church. We plant and oversee Messianic congregations in Israel, the U.S. and other nations. Tikkun is dedicated to raising up leaders for Messianic ministry and fostering loyal, covenant relationships. 

This year we birthed Shelanu TV as a partnership with GOD TV and several Israeli ministries. After being forced off the air by the Israeli regulatory commission for cable TV, we resurfaced within three hours at

My Books

Has the Messiah been Robbed?


  Supernatural visitations. Divine time travel. An age-old cover up.
  In the middle of it all: One man miraculously transformed by Yeshua.

In an instant, David went from being a skeptical Jewish columnist to a desperate seeker of Truth. The catalyst was an angelic visitation—a moment that marked him forever.

  David’s quest spans numerous philosophies and religions, culminating with the Person of Yeshua – Jesus the Messiah. He is plummeted into a vigorous spiritual tug of war. Part of him is intrigued and fascinated by the Messiah, while another is plagued by guilt. How could a Jewish person like himself believe in Yeshua considering all the horrific acts that have been done to his ancestors in His name?

  Author Ron Cantor, a gifted story-teller and authority on the Jewish Roots of the New Testament, takes you on an unforgettable tour of history as an angel supernaturally escorts David through the halls of time. You will soon discover that though atrocities have been committed in the name of Yeshua, the greatest crime of all may be against the Messiah Himself… a crime of identity theft.

Ron's Testimony

  Ron's first thought was, “Jesus can’t be real! This would not have happened if Jesus was real.” But that is not the end of the story for this young Jewish man.  

  Moments later, Ron Cantor found himself enveloped in what can only be described as the raw power and presence of God Himself.
  It all started nearly a year before, when the ADHD agnostic Jewish teen witnessed his best friend go through a dramatic life-changing encounter with God. While his first response was, “What’s this got to do with me; I’m Jewish,” it ultimately caused Ron to face the fact that he had no idea if God was real or how to find Him. A search ensued that lead Ron to a dramatic confrontation on October 21st, 1983.

The Anticipated Sequel to 

Identity Theft 

  Moments after David Lebowitz is finally convinced that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah, he is thrust into a soul-wrenching family tragedy. In deep anguish, he cries out to Heaven. His prayer is answered in a most unexpected and unusual way.

  An angel named Ariel transports David back into his celestial classroom where history-shaping events unfold right in front of him. Through supernatural time travel, David comes face-to-face with first-century pioneers such as Apostles James and Paul, along with early disciples of Yeshua, like Priscilla and Aquila.

  Experience history like never before and catch a glimpse of life for the first congregation of Jesus-followers in Jerusalem. You will also discover how the diabolical snares of antisemitism and replacement theology sough to sabotage God's work in their midst.

See God's unfolding plan to bring the Jewish people to salvation and release Yeshua's Power in the Earth!

“Too funny! You can tell Ron had a really good time writing this book! It's a very funny and fast read, although there were some tears shed too. I went and bought his other book — Identity Theft."



Here is a little bit about me. I serve as the CEO of Tikkun International and presently I host a daily TV show called "Out of Zion" on GODTV.  

    I was born into a Jewish home, circumcised and Bar Mitzvah'd, but I did not know God! I realized at age 17, there must be more. This led me on a journey where I discovered that Yeshua (Jesus), whom I thought was for the Gentiles, was in fact, the Jewish Messiah.

    I received my degree from Messiah Biblical Institute and served as the Associate Rabbi at Beth Messiah Messianic congregation in Rockville, MD until we moved to Odessa, Ukraine to work in the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute. In Ukraine we birthed a congregation in the city upon which Fiddler on the Roof was based, Berdichev. We then moved to Budapest, Hungary.

    In 1999 we accepted an invitation to teach Jewish Roots at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. In 2003 my wife Elana, a native Israeli, and I, along with our girls, made aliyah (moved to Israel). I served as the co-pastor and interim senior pastor of King of Kings Community in Jerusalem.

    During this time we birthed the Isaiah 2 Initiative, taking Israeli young adults to third world nations to preach the message of Yeshua. In Nigeria we saw many miracles and tens of thousands profess faith in Yeshua. 

     In 2013 I agreed to become the lead pastor of Tiferet Yeshua, a Hebrew-speaking congregation in Tel Aviv. Three years later we turned the congregation over to a native-born Israeli, and, while still functioning as an elder there, I now serve as CEO of Tikkun International, a global Messianic family of 40-plus congregations and ministries in Israel and the US, and beyond, including our own congregation, Tiferet Yeshua.

Living Stones Israel Tour

Every spring, Elana and I lead a tour of Israel. This handcrafted tour is unique from nearly all other Israel tours. In addition to touring all the major sites you will:


Meet Israeli Messianic Leaders

Almost every day you will meet and hear from those ministering on the ground in Israel.

This is our old video, a new one is being made!
Space is limited. A $100 deposit will reserve your spot.
Israeli Testimonies

Israelis are coming to faith in Yeshua, but 99% of tourists never meet even one of them, much less hear their stories. You will be inspired as you hear the testimonies of Israelis coming to faith. Yes, the dry bones are coming back to life!

Bonus Spots!

There are certain spots that Elana and I love, but tourists never see. This is why we call this trip "hand-crafted". 


Pray on the Walls of Jerusalem

God has called believers to become Watchmen on the Walls of Jerusalem. You will literally walk on the Old City Walls as we pray together. This is an amazing experience.

On Site Teaching

You will enjoy teaching from some of the best tour guides in the country. You will gain deep insights from this amazing land that will change you forever.

Amazing Food

Eat at hand-picked restaurants by me and Elana. Having done this a few times, we know the best places with the best food and interesting characters. 


Ron and Elana Sharing 

I will be teaching everyday on the Jewish Roots of the Faith and the history of Israel, while Elana will share about growing up in Israel. 

Friends for a Lifetime

And more laughs and new friendships than you can imagine. So many of our participants stay in touch with each other long after the tour ends.


For more information on our Dec 11-21 2019 tour go to


If you would like to invite me to speak at your congregation or conference, you may use the email below. For years I have done my best to answer every email and every question, however as the volume of traffic has increased, it makes it harder. I still try my best, but please don't be offended if I can't answer in a timely fashion.

Tel Aviv, Israel

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