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Is God “finished” with the Jewish people? Isn’t God mad at the Jewish people? Why should we care about Israel? Isn’t the Church the “new Israel”? Aren’t all the Old Testament prophecies about Israel fulfilled in Jesus?

In When Kingdoms Collide, Ron Cantor offers powerful insights into these questions AND invites you to think about things you’ve probably never considered. There are two kingdoms—the world and God’s, visible and invisible—and they are on a collision course that will reach critical mass when King (or more like, Emperor!) Yeshua returns. Cantor provides clarity over some very puzzling Scriptures, gives a bird’s eye view of the troubling and dark history between the Jewish people and the Church over the last 2,000 years, and points to an exciting path forward. As we see the world changing and systems shaking around us, When Kingdoms Collide will give you great hope for the future.


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When Kingdoms Collide

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