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Day 32 — Israel in Crisis

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to view the footage that was taken from the body cams of 1500 Hamas terrorists who were killed on October 7, now known as the Black Sabbath.

From what I understand, this footage has only been shown to a couple hundred people. First, it was shown to international journalists in Jerusalem, then to Knesset members, and then yesterday to Christian media. I was incredibly nervous as I drove to Jerusalem, knowing that some people were admitted to the hospital after viewing this gruesome footage.

But I felt like I had to testify as people are already denying what happened on October 7. Today a woman wrote on my Instagram that the Hamas atrocities were faked by Israel. Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has already publicly accused Israel of making up the idea that babies were beheaded. I can now tell you they were. But so much more than that was done.

  • Parents were shot in front of their children.

  • Terrorists used the cell phones of their victims to call home and celebrate.

  • Their commander told them to behead the dead bodies, or at least bring the whole bodies back to Gaza, so the people could “play with them.”

  • One of them called home from the phone of his victim and joyfully told his parents that he had killed 10 Jews with his bare hands.

  • Terrorists tried to cut off the head of a dead man with a garden hoe.

  • I saw a young man whose arm was missing, but was still alive, thrown into the back of a truck and taken to Gaza.

  • I saw Hamas operatives in Gaza kicking around the body of a dead soldier for fun.

I could go on, but I won’t. I’m sure many of you have already stopped reading, and I don’t blame you. But the world must know the truth.

In the 1940s, we could not document the holocaust, but in 2023, the Hamas murderers documented their own actions.

Last night, I did an interview with GOD TV about what I witnessed. Please watch and then share this with the world.

Eventually, I think the Israeli government will release these videos taken from the terrorists as the pressure is mounting. The reason they don’t is out of respect for the victims.

I think of the two little boys who watched their father get shot, and that was after the terrorist threw a grenade at all three of them. As their dead father lay there on the ground, the boys, who were injured, had to step over him as they were led back into their house by the men who just murdered their father. The terrorists just ignored them as they were clearly in absolute shock—one of them was blinded in one eye from the grenade blast, and both boys were hysterical. The Hamas operative opened the refrigerator, looking for something to drink, and settled on a Coke. He seemed to even ask the boys what there was to drink or eat.

It's because of those scenes and more that our government is hesitant to release the footage.

I had to fight to get into this viewing for Christian journalists. At first, they rejected my application. I have no idea why. But we wouldn’t take no for an answer, and a few hours before the event they put my name on the list. I wondered initially if God himself was not protecting me, but I felt compelled to go.

Did it affect me? Yes.

Of course. But I thought I was OK afterward, even though I was shaken. But this afternoon when I was walking in Jaffa, I saw a woman with a baby in a stroller, and for a split second, I was sure the baby was dead. About 10 seconds later, I saw a man hugging his daughter, and she appeared to be to be burned alive. The mind plays tricks on you when you have seen traumatic images. I would appreciate your prayers.

This is a pivotal event in world history. The evidence must be seen.

It seems like another birth pain leading up to the coming of Messiah. We know that the Bible prophesies wars and rumors and wars, and so many more earth-shattering events before the prophecies in Zechariah 14 take place—where Yeshua comes to the Mount of Olives and sets up his millennial kingdom.

What I’m trying to say is this: it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Now is the time to keep your eyes focused on heaven. Now is the time to build your relationship with Yeshua through the Holy Spirit.

I’m sorry I had to write this email. One month ago, at the beginning of October, Elana and I were in Europe visiting friends. Never did it enter our minds that all of Israel, not to mention much of the world would be thrown into confusion, depression, fear, and anxiety. But I want to tell you something: God is alive! You can still find your peace in him. Do not give into the spirit of fear.

For the first three weeks of this conflict, I was experiencing pressure and tension all day, every day. On Thursday morning, I went to pray with a bunch of other believers, and God took it all from me. It’s been almost a week and I have not experienced that level of anxiety. It reminds me of when Elijah was given a little bread to eat in his weakened emotional and spiritual state. It’s sustained him for 40 days. I want to thank you for your prayers. I have no doubt that your prayers are sustaining us.

Yahad Ninatsah

Together, we will see victory.

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