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“You’ll never be a writer!” This was the message an editor communicated to me almost 30 years ago, as he handed me back an article I had written, and it was so marked up with red ink that I didn’t even recognize it anymore. He might as well have just told me never to write again.


I gotta tell you—it was discouraging, to say the least. I remember saying to myself, “I guess I’ll never least I can preach.”


But then several years later, we moved to Ukraine and I began to email stories back to my friends and supporters. The most amazing thing happened. People began to tell me what a great writer I am. I was truly shocked! Maybe I could actually write?


Since then, I have written more than a dozen books—several of which have been translated into other languages—all of which have communicated the most important thing I know—Yeshua is the Messiah, of the Jews and for the whole world, and He is coming back one day soon as King.

It is all by the grace of God. Would you believe I only read one book in high school! And I graduated (barely) with a 1.7 GPA!

Follow His Lead

This year, we were so excited to bring you a new book, Follow His Lead, 13 powerful lessons for leaders—no matter where you lead. When I lead our Tel Aviv congregation, I put them into practice and guess what—they worked!

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Sunday Stories: 52 Stories from My Life in Israel

It has been on my heart for three years to write a book of stories from my nearly 20 years in Israel—Instead, we launched a weekly series called the Sunday Stories: 52 Stories from My Life in Israel. It’s been fun to give you a glimpse into the place I call home...and soon it will be a book!

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Identity Theft: Reloaded

And we are releasing a special 10th Anniversary Edition of perhaps the most impactful book I’ve ever written—Identity Theft: Reloaded. Not only has it impacted believers, but it has also been a tool to open the eyes of Jewish people to their Messiah. At Shelanu, we have mailed out lots of copies of the Hebrew version of Identity Theft—it is often an easier way to get the gospel to someone seeking the truth about Jesus.

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Colliding Kingdoms

We are putting the finishing touches on a book called, “Colliding Kingdoms” which is about the second coming of Yeshua and a response to fulfillment theology (which teaches that God has broken His covenant to natural Israel).

I don’t write books to be famous or to make money—it is all about the message. I just want people to know the GOOD NEWS of Yeshua. And I long for my people to know who He really is!


Would you consider making a year-end donation or becoming a monthly partner? I am so excited about what we have done together this year—showing Israelis compassion, providing hope, sharing the truth of who Jesus REALLY is, in the midst of pandemics and war.


Until all Israel is saved (Rom 11:26),


Ron Cantor

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