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Discover the Secrets to Successful Leadership from a Pastor Who Learned on the Job.

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Ron Cantor serves as President of Shelanu TV, the only 24.7, Hebrew language TV channel sharing the message of Yeshua. He is also Israel Regional Director for GOD TV, where he hosts two TV shows—Out of Zion and Get Real. Ron continues to serve on the executive team at Tikkun Global, an international family of congregations, ministries, and leaders dedicated to the restoration of Israel and the Church. He and his wife, Elana, live in Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information or to read Ron's blog, visit

We will talk about:

• Team Leadership
• Dealing with Personal Attacks
• Loyalty in Relationships
• Overcoming Intimidation
• How to Respond to Your Resistors
• How to Pray Yourself into the Right Ministry Position
• Finding Your Value in God, Not in Ministry!

I read Follow His Lead in just a few hours. I found it easy,  engaging and stimulating - difficult to put down. Some pages hit the nail on the head. Others hit my thumb with the hammer! Sometimes I found myself saying “Amen.” And other times I said “ouch.” I’ve never read a book on leadership quite like this. Ron Cantor's approach is totally unique. This is not a book of pithy motivational poster quotes. Ron is honest and vulnerable.  He distills many years of rich experience into 13 powerful lessons that are vitally important for all leaders to understand, but especially those involved in local church ministry.

Daniel Kolenda, President, Christ for all Nations

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