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Trump vs Obama in foreign policy

Obama came to power and promised a new beginning. He went to Egypt in 2009 and proclaimed a new beginning between the Arab world and the West. He apologized for American arrogance. For this he received the Nobel Peace Prize. But in reality we got Benghazi and ISIS, whom he mocked as the JV terror team.

Trump says all the wrong things, he is a bull in a china shop, he goes off script and can be tone deaf in sensitive situation. Yet, he was the one who defeated ISIS and is bringing Arab states to the peace table.

Obama felt that his unique position, being raised in the midst of Muslims, spending much of his childhood in Indonesia, would give him the ability to relate to the Muslim world in a way that no US President before him could. It makes sense, but it didn’t work at all. They saw him as weak.

Trump, on the other hand, has very little experience with Muslim culture, but he is the one who brought Israel and UAE together (and some say, Bahrain and Oman are on the way) to sign a peace treaty.

There is a lot I do not like about President Trump. But he gets results. I would love to see his demeanor change, but I cannot deny results. No one expected a peace treaty between Israel and several nations, and yet, he did it. We could talk about the economy too. No, he is not as smooth as President Obama, but he took the Obama stagnant economy and turned it into one of the best ever. Of course, Corona changed that a bit, but no one anticipated that.

So, I will be voting again for President Trump; not because I am in a Trump cult, but because I can’t argue with results.

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