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So, now what?

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Today is the final episode of “The Jewish Aversion to Jesus…Why?” To best understand this weighty and important topic, we have to go back to the Apostle Paul.

How can we best love the Jewish people? How can Gentiles “provoke Israel to jealousy,” as Paul talked about?

I share some practical ways to carry out this mission in today’s episode.

So now what?

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Thank you so much for watching this series.

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Among all of your other traits....I love most your very practical, common -sense, middle-of-the-road outlook that doesn't condemn believers if they refer to our Savior as Jesus or Yeshua. And personally I've seen more of the "strange folks" you referenced in your concluding paragraphs than the other way.

I do understand & agree w/ your perspective....but also I am not going to go page by page in my bible and do pen & ink changes for something like this. How about folks not worry so greatly about the non-doctrinally essential, the parsing of every minute detail fellow Christian's understanding of a name (which is published in just about every known English version of the bible).......and maybe instead bri…

Mi piace

25 apr 2023

Do you believe that all Israel will be saved now, one by one as they are being saved now or do you think that God has a plan at the end of the age for "all Israel to be saved?"

Mi piace
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