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This past summer, together, we were a part of investing in the FUTURE of Yeshua’s kingdom in Israel—the next generation of Messianic believers, our youth.


My good friend and a father in the Messianic movement in Israel, Eitan Shishkoff, and his team hosted young believers from around Israel, giving them the precious gifts of “together” after the isolation of COVID and “Spirit and Truth”—much-needed encouragement in their faith in Yeshua. Being a Messianic teen in Israel is hard, and many unfortunately fall away, especially during their mandatory service in the military.


I asked Eitan to share with us about the impact Katzir (Hebrew for “harvest”) made…


During an amazing week, we hosted 85 teens from all over Israel at our summer conference. We chose the theme “connected” because for the year and a half of Covid19 young people had suffered from isolation and disconnection. Our prayer was that they could reconnect with God and each other in deep and meaningful ways. This happened in the stark beauty of Israel’s desert, where our Patriarchs experienced God’s transforming presence.


The high point, on the last evening, was an incredible breakthrough and a real outpouring of the Spirit. The speaker asked who felt lonely or isolated. Slowly, many young men and women raised their hands. They stood in a circle, surrounded by the prayers and love of their peers. What normally would have been a brief prayer turned into a solid hour of ministry with intense healing and restoration for many teens. In His love for these youth, the Lord brought emotional and spiritual healing and renewal. It was a fresh beginning that continues to impact all who were there.





As we end this amazing year, would you please consider making a one-time tax-deductible donation to Messiah’s Mandate or becoming a monthly sponsor? We want to keep investing in the Kingdom of Yeshua in Israel, helping to raise up the next generation of believers.


We are also excited to be bringing THE CHOSEN to Israel with Hebrew subtitles—so even more of my people can hear the GOOD NEWS and know their Messiah, Yeshua. We also want to continue to invest in the NEXT generation of Israeli believers through Katzir next year. And we want to continue to be a blessing to the Ethiopian Jews in Ashkelon. THIS is how you are impacting Israel!


Through your partnership and continued prayers, we will show Israel who Yeshua REALLY is, in word and in deed!


Thank you for loving Israel!


Until all Israel is saved (Rom 11:26),


Ron Cantor

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