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bless Ethiopian jews

In the 1980s and early 90s, tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews were airlifted to Israel to begin a new life in two daring missions: Operation Moses and Operation Solomon. That was 30 years ago, but the Ethiopian Jews are still getting acclimated to life in Israel. 

After the war in May, when the southern city of Ashkelon was targeted 1,000 times by Hamas, we reached out to the mayor and began a partnership. We raised more than $100,000 to help him renovate bomb shelters all over the city. Elana and I also befriended the director of the Ethiopian Jewish Community Center. He told us that when the sirens would sound, indicating they had about 15 seconds to take cover, there was simply no place for the 50 elderly Ethiopians to go.

Elana Cantor

Recently, Elana went with our Shelanu team to interview the director and encourage the Ethiopian immigrants there.

Every day, dozens of Ethiopians come to the community center.

The older ones come for the companionship and for the programs

the team there offers. They have two small bomb shelters behind the building. The director asked us if there was any way we could build a large bomb shelter that could fit everyone. Everyone knows it is only a matter of time before Hamas attacks again…not if, but when.

We agreed to help them. We know that we have friends around the world like you, who also want to stand with these precious Ethiopian Jews. One of the ways that we share our faith in Yeshua our Messiah in Israel is through humanitarian aid. Most of them do not know about the real Yeshua. After 2,000 years of Christian antisemitism, their view is distorted.


Our goal is to show them the true face of the Messiah.

They understand that we are Messianic Jews and our donors are mostly evangelical Christians who love the Jewish people. This becomes a powerful witness of God’s love and compassion. Finally, we are taking up Paul’s challenge to provoke Israel to jealousy through kindness (Rom. 11:11, 22).

In addition to building them this bomb shelter, we are going to buy them 20 brand new computers. These are not for the elderly but for the children. Every day after school, kids come to the Community Center to do their homework. Many of their parents do not speak Hebrew well and cannot help them. Tutors at the Community Center are there to serve them. But the computers are completely outdated. 

I feel such joy and connection with God’s heart when we help these people. I know that you will too. The Lord’s heart breaks for the Jewish people, and he’s looking to us, those who have found salvation in his son Yeshua, to show them his love. 


The entire project is $130,000. Fortunately, we already have commitments from other ministries that want to help. Let's raise these funds by Hanukkah—November 28th! I can’t wait to present this wonderful Hanukkah gift to the Ethiopian Jewish community of Ashkelon. I promise to send pictures! In fact, we will make a celebration video.

Please consider a generous gift to I am with Israel this month. Heaven will remember your loving sacrifice.

Let’s BLESS the Jewish Ethiopians and reveal the true face of YESHUA to them.

Until all Israel is saved (Rom 11:26),

Ron Cantor


In the event that a specific project becomes overfunded, Messiah's Mandate/Tikkun may allocate the overage towards other ministry purposes.

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