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WATCH: NAR New Apostolic Reformation Exposed!

Shabbat is almost here and we wanted to get this out to you before it begins. A few weeks ago, two Israelis made a video (that has now been viewed tens of thousands of times) about the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Unfortunately, in this video there are many inconsistencies, false assertions and bad information. One of the individuals is associated with a group called NAR WATCH ISRAEL. This group condemns virtually every Israeli charismatic ministry as being part of the “deceptive” NAR. We felt that a response was needed.

What I learned, from watching the video that my Israeli brothers produced, is that there is a very clear litmus test to know if your pastor is part of the NAR. In my video segment, I go through 10 of these. Not only do I not believe any of these 10 doctrines—I don’t know anyone who does. Check it out!

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