Trump, Hurricanes and Israel

One of my mentors often says he does not like armchair prophets. An armchair prophet is somebody who prophesies after the fact. What do I mean? It’s too easy to say after a tragedy that it was judgment from God. You’re far more credible if you prophesied before the tragedy that a judgement is coming if a certain country doesn’t do X, Y or Z.

But Why?

So it would be too easy right now to say God is judging America because of the Hurricanes. On the other hand, when two of the most horrific hurricanes in history come one after another, a country must fall on its face and ask God, “Why?” Harvey is set to be the costliest natural disaster in American history. Irma is heading for Miami as the strongest Hurricane ever coming from the Atlantic Ocean. We must ask the Lord, “Why?”

Is that not what they did in the Bible when judgment suddenly came—they asked the Lord, “Why?” Joshua did this when they lost the battle to Ai and 36 Israelite fighters died?

Then Joshua tore his clothes and fell facedown to the ground before the ark of the Lord, remaining there till evening. The elders of Israel did the same, and sprinkled dust on their heads. And Joshua said, “Alas, Sovereign Lord, why did you ever bring this people across the Jordan to deliver us into the hands of the Amorites to destroy us? (Joshua 7:6-7)

The people of God are to be God’s voice to the world. We should be asking God “Why is this happening? Is it just weather? Or something more?”

Confusion in the White House

So let me share with you an experience I had a few weeks ago. It was just after Charlottesville, when the president made several comments regarding the protests there over a period of several days. One of the final comments, and maybe the most confusing and controversial, was when he said, there were “very fine people on both sides” protesting.

There were no fine people marching with the Nazis. Even if you showed up there to protest the removal of Confederate statues, you left the minute you saw people on your team with Nazi flags, making Nazi gestures and chanting Nazi slogans. The minute you realized that you were hanging out with white supremacist racists, you got out of there.

In fact, it seemed that all hell was breaking loose against the Trump administration. Massive leaks, firings, resignations, exposing of secret meetings, infighting, the Scaramocci tape, angry tweets, attacks coming from every side and miss steps on every side. I’ve never seen anything like it and I was not buying that it was only because of the media. (I understand the media is no friend of the president.)

I sensed from the Lord

One Wednesday August 16th, a day after the contentious news conference, I felt the news cycle sucking me back in to waste another two hours or so. I pulled away to seek the Lord. Burdened for America, I simply asked, “God, what is going on with the Trump administration?”

Instantly I sensed God impress something on my heart. I say I sensed and impressed because I want to submit it to you. The spoken voice of God is subjective (unlike the written Word of God). It is often like seeing through a glass darkly, to quote Paul. When the Lord speaks to me, it is rarely in sentences, but sudden bursts of knowledge. I simply know something I didn’t before.

And I sensed that he said something close to this, “I gave Donald Trump the opportunity for a slam dunk in Israel. I set him up for blessing. All he had to do was recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and announce the moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem during his visit in May, marking 50 years of her reunification.” He was set up for blessing, but instead he chose two other things:

  1. To make a massive arms deal with ultra-Islamic Saudi Arabia

  2. To send his son-in-law to restart the forever failed and flawed and frankly unbiblical peace process. (Not that God does not want peace, but He doesn’t want us compromising with terrorists).

Neither of those things would have happened if he had recognized Jerusalem and moved the Embassy. Many prophetic voices have said that Trump was called to be a Cyrus, but, as I stated in a recent blog, Cyrus’ foremost achievement in regard to his calling, was to bless Israel.

What God did not Tell Me

Here is what God did not tell me. He didn’t tell me that hurricanes were coming. At the most, I sensed there was a spirit of confusion released on Trump’s team because he backtracked on Jerusalem. But you have to understand that if God set you up for blessing and you refuse, the opposite is a curse.

Does God Judge?

The fact is, judgement upon nations happened quite frequently in the Bible for the actions of their leaders (see Isaiah 10:5-34 about Assyria). Is the U.S. any different? If there is an earthquake in Damascus, 100 prophecy wonks don’t hesitate to call it judgment, but can God judge America?

God calls Israel the apple of his eye (Zech. 2:8) and has blessed America greatly for favoring her, but  inthe same passage He prophesies judgement on those who touch Israel. What if God called President Trump to do two specific things—things he passionately promised before he was elected—and he disobeys?

A Broken Heart

I recognize that when judgment does come on a nation or any other tragedy that people are hurt and lives are ruined. That should break our hearts. We should do everything to help them. But we must also recognize that the God of the Bible does at times bring judg