Terror in Jerusalem

I was driving on “Derech Yerushalayim” (the main highway from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem) on my way to my office when my phone rang. It was my oldest daughter Sharon, “Dad, there is crazy man on a tractor running over people.” Sharon was working about a kilometer from where an East Jerusalem Arab turned his bulldozer into a weapon of terror. Hossam Dawyyat, a 30-year-old father of two, and a construction worker took his front loader and begin driving on Jaffa Street running over cars and slamming into buses, turning them on their side.One woman, a kindergarten teacher and mother of an infant, was about to be run over by the madman. “Seconds before being crushed to death by a 20-ton bulldozer, 33-year-old Batsheva Unterman succeeded in unbuckling her 5-month-old baby from the car-seat and passing her out through the window to safety.” (jpost.com) Jeremy Aronson, a passerby, saw the situation and grabbed the baby from her mother. The mother was dead moments later. It is important to note that she had tried for many years before she finally became pregnant.

In another incident, a mother threw her baby out of her car window just before the massive tractor smashed into her. “[This] young mother watched in horror as the vehicle charged straight at her vehicle and then instinctively threw her baby out the car

Only after 45 people were injured and three had been killed was the terrorist neutralized. Amazingly it turns out that the hero who risked his own life and shot the madman was the brother-in-law of the hero who shot the Yeshiva massacre terrorist several months ago. In that incident, an off duty Special Forces officer heard the gunfire from his home as he was bathing his children. He ran out of the house and into the Yeshiva, into harms way, found the terrorist and killed him. Then returned home to put his children to bed. Now, his brother-in-law is also a hero.