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TA University researchers develop vaccine against melanoma

Israeli researchers believe they have developed a new method of preventing and treating skin cancer. 

The “nano-vaccine,” developed by Tel Aviv University researchers has been effective so far in mice in preventing melanoma and in treating primary tumors and metastases that result from melanoma, according to a study.

“Our research opens the door to a completely new approach — the vaccine approach — for effective treatment of melanoma, even in the most advanced stages of the disease,” Prof. Satchi-Fainaro, who led the study, said. “The vaccine approach, which has proven so effective against various viral diseases, has not materialized yet against cancer. In our study, we have shown that it is possible to produce an effective nano-vaccine against melanoma and to sensitize the immune system to immunotherapies.”

Of course, the anti-Israel boycotters of the BDS movement will refuse to use this breakthrough. They are committed to boycotting any product out of Israel, because they say Israel is racist. Something tells me they will make an acception. 

A nanoparticle serves as the basis for the new vaccine. The researchers believe that their “nano-vaccine” approach could be expanded beyond melanoma.

“We believe that our platform may also be suitable for other types of cancer and that our work is a solid foundation for the development of other cancer nano-vaccines,” Satchi-Fainero said.

If clinical trials go well, the researchers hope to have a nano-vaccine on the market in five to 10 years, Satchi-Fainero said.

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