Prayer Requests from Ron and Elana

Dear Precious Friends,

What a glorious day it is in Tel Aviv. Even though it is sunny and about 80 degrees (27 Celsius), I am not talking about the summer-like weather we are enjoying. I am referring to the fact that Israelis will gather in Tel Aviv today, just like they did in the times of the apostles, to WORSHIP YESHUA THE JEWISH MESSIAH!

What a minute, you say, Tel Aviv did not exist in the times of the apostles. Okay, technically you are correct—Tel Aviv is a new city. But Yafo (Joppa) was a Jewish city in New Testament times and Tel Aviv was birthed as an offshoot of Yafo, when a handful of Jewish families in 1909 gathered on sand dunes just north of the city and apportioned plots to create a new neighborhood, that became the second largest city in Israel—Tel Aviv-Yafo.

The apostle Peter, after raising Tabitha from the dead, spent significant time in Yafo preaching the gospel and discipling believers:

[Tabithia’s resurrection from the dead] became known all over Yafo, and many people believed in the Lord. Peter stayed in Yafo for some time … (Acts 9:42-43)

May the Lord breath on the embers of that aw