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[New Video] Gay Marriage Debate Heating Up In Israel

In my weekly report for Zola Levitt Ministries, I talk about the renewed effort to legalize gay marriage in Israel.

This issue has come up, because of our new government coalition, and the campaign promise by some parties to pass a ‘civil marriage’ law.  Up until now, if anyone wanted to get married in Israel, they had to go through orthodox rabbis to get their permission. If they don’t deem you ‘Jewish enough’ you actually had to leave the country to get married!

Now, our new government wants to change that. But some are trying to not only allow for ‘non-religious’ marriages, but also ‘gay marriage’.

Please pray that this effort to legalize homosexual marriage would not be successful. We want Israel to be a nation that values God’s word, God’s heart and seeks to be guided by Godly morality. We want our government and our people to be pleasing in God’s sight.

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