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Morning after Convention, Trump Attacks Cruz (Jekyll and Hyde)

Trump clearly won the PR war against Ted Cruz. But he reveals AGAIN that he lacks self control when it comes to his mouth. Why in the world would you go after Ted again this morning when it was all but forgotten. Argh!!!

  1. He praised the National Enquirer said they deserved a Pulitzer.

  2. He reminded people that he quoted the Enquirer in linking Raphael Cruz (Ted’s dad) to Lee Harvey Oswald.

  3. He said he would not accept Ted’s endorsement and didn’t want it.

Dude, you won… go run for president and stop defending your worst moments. I just feel for Mike Pence who had to endure his first moments of Trump Unplugged. While I plan to vote for him (because I can’t imagine Hillary as President), I just wish he could get beyond himself. You never know who is going to show up, Dr. Jekyll, the loving father, mentor, employer of women and minorities, or the evil Mr. Hyde, who attacks (real or perceived) enemies with ruthlessness and doesn’t pay his contractors.

Like many of you, I was extremely impressed by Mr. Trump’s children. Though they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, it was quickly replaced with work gloves and a calculator. The descriptions of him mentoring his children, encouraging them and the leaving them notes were endearing. I especially was moved by Ivanka’s words last night, that he once wrote her a note on the draft of a building that he could not wait until she grew up and they could build together.

I heard stories about him hearing about people down on their luck, then tracking them down, inviting them to Trump Tower to spend time with him and then he would find them a job within the company. I saw an African American female executive rave about him as a loyal boss. Even the person who botched Melania’s speech was forgiven—though she tried to resign. Trump told her (if we believe the story) that everyone makes mistakes.

And then… there is the other Trump. Mr. Hyde. Filterless, lacking self control, vindictive.

The last thing in the world he needed to do this morning was to even bring up the words “Ted Cruz.” But who am I to tell DT what will work and what won’t. Like everyone else, I have been wrong for a year about Trump’s strategy.

  1. When he intimated that the Mexican government, as part of a strategy, was sending rapists to America I was sure he was done.

  2. When he said he didn’t respect John McCain because he got caught in Vietnam (spending five years in a POW camp) because he likes those who don’t get caught, I knew it was over for Trump. He went up in the polls.

  3. When he said that his followers were so loyal that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not go down in the polls, I thought his arrogance has reached new heights.

  4. When we saw video and audio of him referring to a woman getting on her knees before him, how he ‘could have had’ Princess Diana or how he bragged about sleeping with the most powerful women in the world—many of them married, I thought, surely conservatives and evangelicals can’t get behind him.

Yet they did and he won.

Now the question is, can he be the Trump his kids and employees raved about over the next three months and three weeks or will he be the free-talking, late night tweeting, cringeworthy narcissistic that we have seen for the past year?

Mr. Hyde got him here, so maybe he will shock us all and win the election. personally I prefer the Dr. Jekyll version of Mr. Trump.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flicker

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