So this just happened! I was getting my tires replaced and it was taking a LONG time. I was getting a little annoyed. I could not understand what was taking so long. A woman walked in with a CLEAR AND NOTICEABLE LIMP. I heard the manager ask her about her leg. I sat there reading a book and wondered, “Should I pray for her?"

Two things happened: I have been studying so much in my master’s program, that I felt a bit cold in the Spirit. A thought came, “You are not ready to pray for her. You are growing cold.” Then secondly, just after that, the Spirit suddenly came upon me. It doesn’t happen all the time. It was just clear and powerful, though not overwhelming—enough for me to know that God wanted me to pray for her. So I said to her, “Can I pray for your leg?”

Turns out she was a believer and very happy to receive prayer. I prayed for about 15 seconds and then I asked her to try and walk. SHE WAS COMPLETELY HEALED. She showed me a text where her mother had been up since 4 am praying for her, burdened that something was about to happen for her daughter.

She just walked out of here with NO LIMP at all!!! Even one of the workers remarked as he saw her leaving, how she had just been limping. I told him what happened!

You can do this too!!!

Footnote: the textbook I was reading is about the quest for the historical Jesus. It is a scholarly look at the man Jesus. It questions if the historical Jesus can really be a man who rose from the dead, healed the sick, etc. They call him, “The Jesus of legend.” As much as I appreciate scholarship, the critic can become a believer instantly when it is he or she who experiences a miracle. 😁 Hallelujah!

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