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Israel knows where some hostages are being held — PRAY!

I don’t have any doubt that the intelligence departments within the Israeli Defense Forces know where some of the hostages are being held. We have elite forces who are fluent in Arabic and are posing as Gazans. If you ever saw the series Fauda, then you know what I’m talking about. The Mista’arvim (Undercover) units assimilate into local Arab communities to gather intelligence. 

“Undercover Israeli spies — including women dressed in black dresses and hijabs — rented a house in the Gaza neighborhood where four hostages were stashed, and lived there for days to gain intelligence ahead of the military’s dramatic rescue mission on Saturday, according to a report.” —NYPost

That means more rescue operations are probably being planned as we speak. We have to pray. These are not simple operations and much can go wrong. While the IDF soldiers are trying to rescue Israelis, we can be watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem praying day and night for Israel (see Isaiah 62:6-7).

Will you take some time today and pray for Israel and the Jewish people worldwide? This week, a Brooklyn Museum was attacked because they had a memorial exhibit commemorating the death of the 364 young people killed at the Supernova concert. They also vandalized the home of the museum director, calling her a “white-supremacist Zionist.” 

If ever there was a time when Israel needed Christians praying for her, it is now.

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