A Response to Johnny Enlow’s “Apostolic Rebuke”

There is a disturbing “apostolic rebuke” being passed around by Johnny Enlow. I have been asked what I think by a few people.


First, who is Johnny Enlow? He is a dominionist prophet, who embraces the Seven Mountains Mandate[1]. He prophesied a Trump victory before the election and then afterwards, the overturning of the election. He seems to embrace some of the very dangerous QAnon theories. Watch this short one too (because it is shocking).

He prophesied: “‘Your nation will be known as Before Trump and After Trump.’ And [the Lord] said, ‘The nations, the whole world will be known as Before Trump and After Trump.’” He compared this new measure of time to BC and AC. “The Lord said, ‘I’m really not interested in your all’s vote this time, I’m doing it. I usually give you all that option, this time I’m not. This is a rescue operation from Heaven.”

So, to be clear, he said that the presidency was not dependent on the vote of the people, but God was doing it as a “rescue operation from heaven.” Instead of repenting for giving a false prophecy, he is rebuking us for doubting ‘the prophets’ and speaking judgment over us. That would be like prophesying that the Kansas City Chiefs were going to win the Super Bowl (they didn’t in case you don’t watch football) and then rebuking everyone a week later for doubting him.

The very title of his post is troubling: “AN APOSTOLIC REBUKE AND ENTREATY FOR THOSE BLAMING THE PROPHETS” (you can read it here).

The Authority of an Apostle is Limited

An apostle can only rebuke people who are under his authority. You cannot just declare yourself an apostle, as Robert Duvall’s character did in The Apostle. T