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14 IDF Soldiers Take Down 50 Terrorists and Save 120 People

A childhood friend of my wife had planned to be at Zikim at 6:00 AM on October 7. He loves to take his jeep through the desert sands with his friends. Sometimes, they’ll have four or five different jeeps. They do it regularly, but for some reason, the night before, He said to his friends, “Let’s meet at 7 AM, not 6 AM.” That decision turned out to be possibly the difference between life and death.

Zikim Beach is maybe the most beautiful beach in all of Israel, with its picturesque white sands leading to the Mediterranean Sea. It’s only about 8 miles from my house, as the crow flies. Yesterday, I visited what remains of the infrastructure surrounding the area where many people swim. The two soldiers who took me to tour the area said, “If you’re not here by 7 AM, you won’t get a spot.” I had wondered why people were there so early on October 7. There were also others, like fishermen and people who had camped near the beach.

At roughly 6:40 AM, four speed boats exited the sea onto land. Four of the boats were fortunately destroyed by the Israeli navy, who acted quickly despite being surprised. However, the others made it to land, where they opened fire with guns and rocket-propelled grenades. In addition, other terrorists broke through the fence between Israel and Gaza, pouring into the Zikim area. A Hamas video shows two armed paragliders heading towards Zikim (see video below). Nineteen Israeli civilians were murdered by Hamas terrorists on the beach.

As you can see, in the video above, I could view the bullet holes and several impacts from the RPGs.

The Zikim area is also home to a kibbutz and an army training base. During that Shabbat morning, only about a dozen veteran soldiers were on the base. Most soldiers had only been in the IDF for a monthSuddenly, they found themselves under attack. The young recruits took cover while 14 brave soldiers (including a new recruit) fought 50 heavily armed terrorists. Seven Israeli soldiers died, six officers and the new recruit, and seven survived despite suffering injuries. 

“They fought a heroic battle. Blood-soaked, under overwhelming fire, while pulling out their fallen comrades and taking their places, the group repelled three squads of terrorists who assaulted soldiers manning the base’s three main positions. The terrorists came by both land and sea, equipped with ammunition that at times looked as though it would never run out.” Haaretz

Cpt. Or Moses, 22 was killed as she bravely helped repel terrorist invasion at Zikim Army Base (Photo: IDF)

Their heroism saved the lives of 90 recruits who were in hiding, in addition to 30 more civilians who were on the base. These 14 soldiers were the last line of defense between the terrorists and Kibbutz Zikim, with a population of nearly 1,000 unsuspecting residents. Had they not been stopped, they probably would’ve made it into our city, Ashkelon, with 160,000 residents. At the time, Ashkelon was experiencing an unprecedented barrage of rocket fire from Hamas.

Read more about the heroic battle of Zikim here.

(Sirens just sounded as I finished this, Alerting us of Hamas rockets over Ashkelon. This is not over.)

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