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100,000 Brits want to Jail Bibi for War Crimes

Over 100,000 British citizens have signed a petition to have Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu arrested when he comes to the UK this month. Last year Hamas kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teens. Then, after some Jewish vigilantes, who are all in jail, responded, Hamas unleashed 3,500 rockets on us. We responded and 2,000 Palestinian Arabs died, most of whom were terrorists. For this, they want Netanyahu on trial. So here are a few thoughts:

1) Before they arrest Bibi, can we send some Hamas guys to the UK armed with 3,500 rockets? They will have 50 days to launch them upon the cites of England from hospitals, schools and churches. After the 50 days, if the UK has not responded with force (as any nation would) they can arrest Netanyahu. This is what they can look forward to:

2) You would hope these folks would have the same zeal to arrest someone like Bashar Assad, who is responsible for the deaths of more than 230,000 people since 2011. Or maybe they would demand that their armed forces do whatever it takes to take out the killer, rapist ISIS leader, Al Baghdadi. Nah, they don’t care about those guys. Arabs killing Arabs is fine in their world. But Jews defending themselves, how dare they!

3) During this war Hamas executed 20 Arabs. What was their crime? Protesting the war. They murdered another 30 suspected of collaborating with Israel. Not only did these not have trials, some of them were attached to motorcycles and dragged throughout the city as a warning to others. They also killed dozens of tunnel diggers simply out of fear that they may tell Israel where the terror tunnels are. Do these crimes mean nothing to these “compassionate” Brits?

Let’s be honest. These folks care little for Arabs being persecuted. They are just filled with typical rabid, anti-Semitism. They hate Israel. If they really cared about Arabs being victimized and oppressed they would be fighting against ISIS, Al Qaeda, Iran, Hamas and Saudi Arabia who represses Arabs’ human rights day in and day out.

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