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While Elana and I will be leading a physical tour of Israel in just a few months, I hope you are also enjoying our little virtual tour through the CITIES OF ISRAEL and some of the amazing Messianic ministries here.

It is a joy to be introducing you each week to the New Testament communities in Tikkun Israel, a fellowship of pastors from congregations and ministries around the country.

Today I want to talk to you about a dear Messianic brother, Leon Mazin. Leon made Aliyah to Israel from Russia in one of the first waves of immigration after the Iron Curtain fell several decades ago. Leon is one of the hardest workers for the Kingdom that I know. 

In 2001, Leon established a congregation in Haifa called Shavei Tzion—Return to Zion. He is passionate that fellow Jews from the former Soviet Union come to know that Yeshua is the Messiah. 

Shavei Tzion is known for its humanitarian and educational outreaches in the region, including a food distribution program that has been quite busy this year in service to the thousands of Ukrainian Jewish immigrants that have sought refuge in Israel. The congregation also ministers to Holocaust survivors, have a Russian language media ministry, and runs an impressive music school as an outreach (half of the students are not believers).

We have an amazing opportunity to support Leon and Shavei Tzion as they faithfully minister to the people of Haifa! They are a “city shining on a hill” (even though Haifa is by the Mediterranean Sea!). Will you consider partnering with us as we stand our Messianic brothers and sisters on the frontlines? 

Yeshua said we wouldn’t be able to finish going through the towns of Israel, sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God, before He returns—but hey, we can at least try!

Please donate today and be a part of this amazing outreach as we preach the good news of Yeshua in all the CITIES OF ISRAEL!


Ron Cantor

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