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We want to wish you a happy new year! 2022 was both amazing, full of victories, and also the hardest year of my life. I want to unpack that with you in the coming months. 

However, I wanted to write you today to simply say thank you for your support of Messiah’s Mandate. We don’t have the totals yet for our year-end campaign, but I could see that many of you really stepped up in the final few days of 2022. Only in the age to come will we truly understand the impact our sacrifices of service, prayer and yes, finances, had on those in need.

I want to pray for you as you enter into this new season of 2023. Please just click on the video above where I share a quick prayer and blessing over you.

Thank you!

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Update | December 31, 2022

In 1983, on a chilly October evening, I was in what could have been a fatal car accident. What made this accident even more unique was that when my friend lost control of the car, and we were swerving from side to side, spinning around, and then flipping over upside down, I was praying! This was the first time in my life that I prayed a sincere prayer. What was my prayer?


If Jesus is really the Messiah, show me!


Suddenly, Dean and I were upside down in the car in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina. There was one house about 100 feet from us. Two amazing born-again believers answered the door. Before long, I had forgotten about the car accident and was asking them questions about Jesus. The longer we talked, the more this growing electric power came upon me. Eventually, it was overwhelming.


I left that house a new person. As I began to read the Bible, I was stunned to find out that almost all of the major characters in the New Testament were Jewish! And they didn’t stop being Jewish once they began to believe in Yeshua.


Since then, I have dedicated my life to bringing this message to other Jewish people. That is the mission of Messiah’s Mandate. While the gospel has prospered in the nations, it is heartbreaking that so few Jewish people believe. But that is changing. More and more Jewish people are discovering the truth that I did—Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.


Do you share this burden of seeing the Jewish people find their Messiah? Even as Paul saw revival in city after city, he longed for Israel to believe: “I would gladly be placed under God’s curse and be separated from Messiah for the good of my own people… the descendants of Israel” (Romans 9:3-4 CEV). Paul was echoing God’s heart.


If you share this burden and want to join us in reaching Israelis with the message of salvation, please consider a special year-end gift in these final days of 2022. Your gift will put you on the front lines of Jewish evangelism. Yes, you will be putting the message of Messiah in the path of Israelis who need him so bad.


Thank you so much for partnering with us. One day we will see the fruit of our sacrifice in the eyes of Jewish people who found the Messiah because of you.


Ron Cantor

Update | December 19, 2022

What if you—yes, YOU—could reach Jewish people with the gospel?

I know that you are deeply concerned with the salvation of Israel—as am I. Israel’s rejection opened the door for billions of Gentiles to hear the gospel, while she herself was blinded in part (Rom. 11:11, 25). 


But in these days God is removing those blinders, more and more. 


What if YOU could do something today to place the gospel message before the eyes of Jewish people? The message that Yeshua died for Jews and non-Jews—Israel and the nations—and through Him one can have eternal life, through Him addicts can be free and those filled with hate, jealousy and bitterness can find complete freedom! 


What if you could put that message in front of Israelis, but…

  • In modern Hebrew!

  • And in its original Jewish context—a story of the Jewish Messiah, born in Bethlehem, the city of David, who died on Passover and birthed his ecclesia on Shavuot (Pentecost), whose followers were fellow Israelites name Miriam (Mary), Jacob (James) and Simon (Peter)?


Guess what, you can reach Jewish people with the gospel!


  1. Shelanu TV airs Hebrew testimonies, music and messages 24/7 to Israelis. 

  2. We send out 25-50 Hebrew copies a month of my book, Identity Theft (a novel that explains the gospel in its Jewish context) to Israelis who request it!

  3. We send out an equal number of Hebrew New Testaments to people who ask for them. 

  4. We have two native Hebrew-speaking evangelists (in addition to a network of believers throughout the country) who engage with Jewish seekers online and in person. 


And every month, we compile testimonies of Israelis who have questions, who are now reading the New Testament and who have come to embrace Yeshua as Messiah


Through your gifts to and partnership with Shelanu TV, you can reach the Jewish people. Just imagine in the coming kingdom, meeting an Israeli who first heard about Yeshua because you spread the message online through Shelanu TV. In November, on YouTube alone, we had 30,000 views and people spent nearly 1,000 hours watching our videos! (That doesn’t include Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.) And because our videos are in Hebrew, we know that the overwhelming majority of these views are from Israelis!


Just click here, so together we can see Israelis set free by the power of Yeshua’s gospel!

(Button here)


Until all Israel is saved (Romans 11:26),


Ron Cantor

Update | December 14, 2022

Have you ever had a word from God that you just knew would come to pass, but then years and years go by, and nothing happens? In fact, it grows more and more impossible…or so it seems!

But God!

His ways and timing are not ours…they are even better!

That’s how it was for me and the birth of Shelanu TV, our 24/7 Hebrew-speaking gospel channel in Israel.

It’s an amazing story—one that was 25 years (or more!) in the making. Watch the video below to hear our testimony of the obstacles and miracles of Shelanu TV.

Thousands of Israelis—religious, secular, and everything in between—are hearing the good news of Yeshua the Messiah through Shelanu every day. But MILLIONS of Israelis haven’t heard yet. 

As we come to the end of 2022, will you consider making a generous contribution to Shelanu and helping us reach those still in the dark about their Messiah? 

GOD TV underwrites much of Shelanu’s programming and staff, and we at Messiah’s Mandate provide funding for the outreach—the purchasing of social media ads that help get Shelanu’s original and thought-provoking content in front of Israelis on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and more.

Your donation today will help us finish this year strong and reach multiplied more Jewish people in 2023 with the good news of Yeshua.


Ron Cantor

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“One day you will take my message from Eilat to the borders of Lebanon and all over this country.”

In 1991, I visited Israel with my new wife and our little baby. Elana, being a native Israeli, showed me her hometown, and I met my whole new family—of Moroccan Israeli Jews—and fell in love with the country, which I would come to call home 12 years later.


As Elana introduced me to Israel, we drove south through the desert to the city Red Sea of Eilat. After several days, we headed to Jerusalem and then to the Galilee in the north. Then, we went even further north to the stunning Golan Heights. I told Elana, “I feel like we have to go to the border.” So, we continued to Metula, the northernmost town in Israel, which borders Lebanon. 


As we got about 100 meters from the border, the Lord suddenly spoke to me. I can’t explain to you how I knew it, but he spoke to me. I stopped the car, got out, and began to shout for joy. What did he say?


He said, “one day, you will take my message from Eilat to the borders of Lebanon and all over this country.” 


At the time, I was very young and honestly a bit full of myself. I envisioned myself like the great evangelist Charles Finney going from town to town, preaching the gospel, and seeing revival. 


After I moved to Israel, that word seemed more and more foolish. First of all, I was almost 40 and didn’t speak Hebrew. As the years passed by, I became convinced that as exciting as that day was, I must have invented it in my mind.


Then, in March 2019, I was invited to a meeting with the director of programming for Israel’s largest cable company. He wanted me to put GOD TV on the air in English. I told him I would only be interested in a Hebrew-speaking channel, and to my shock, he agreed to do it.


A year later, Shelanu TV was birthed. (Shelanu means “ours,” as in Yeshua being from the Jewish people) It was the first and only television channel to preach the gospel in Hebrew. Israelis are sharing with Israelis. I never expected we would be on the air very long, as I knew the opposition would be great. And sure enough, about a week after we launched, all hell broke loose against us. Articles were being written about us in English and Hebrew, in Israel and all over the world. There was an internal outcry to get us off the air… not by the average Israeli, mind you, but by a small group of orthodox Jews. 


Two months later, we were kicked off the air, just as we expected—and within three hours, we were airing on our new website,! I see now that this was the fulfillment of that word the Lord gave me in 1991. Yes, we are now preaching the gospel all over Israel! And the beauty of it, it did not come to pass with one evangelist going from town to town, but Shelanu TV airs content from believers all over the nation. Last year, we created 300 separate pieces of Hebrew-language video. But we also air content from other ministries around the country.


Every month, we have testimonies, and more and more of those testimonies are from people that came to faith because of Shelanu and are now in congregations! In addition, every month, we send out dozens of New Testaments in Hebrew, and my book, Identity Theft, translated to Hebrew, as people request them on social media from all over the country.


I want to ask you as we come to the end of the year to make a generous donation to Messiah’s Mandate as we, along with GOD TV and several other ministries, fund Shelanu.

Our team in Israel is amazing. Evan is our station manager, and we have two evangelists, Moti and Avner, who engage people with questions online. Miriam oversees production. And several other young Israelis serve faithfully. More and more, we are adding subtitles in English so you can also see the content.


With your support, we can do more. The primary way we grow our audience is through paid ads on social media. We make sure that these ads only show up in Israel. We use our funds wisely. Messiah’s Mandate has taken responsibility for this area of the ministry. With your generous year-end gift, we can do so much more—reach so many more Israelis.


Please click on the link below and make an eternal investment in the lives of Israeli men and women. as I shared with you last week, according to Romans 9-11, God purposely hardened the Jewish people so that there would be more time for the gospel to go to the nations. Now is the time for believers in the nations to reach those “broken off branches” and see them grafted back into the olive tree— “for God is able to graft them in again.” (Romans 11:23).


Be a part of the coming Israeli revival!

Thank you so much for loving Israel!


Ron Cantor

My city. My home.

My city. My home.

Tel Aviv.

As I walk the streets here, I am reminded of a fiery Jewish rabbi who came to faith in Yeshua as the Messiah 2,000 years ago—the apostle Paul. His heart’s cry in Romans 10:1 was that all Israel would be saved! 

And that’s our passion today! It’s why Messiah’s Mandate exists.

In Romans chapters 9, 10, and 11, Paul shares a mystery—a heart-breaking drama and tragedy really—about how God purposefully hardened the hearts of his own people. But why? 

Why would God do that to His people?

For the nations!

It hurt God greatly to do that to His chosen people, Israel, but He saw a bigger picture. If the Jewish people had come to faith in large numbers in the first century, it would have triggered the return of Messiah and the Messianic Kingdom—but it would have been without YOU…and millions of other Gentiles.

This is why the disciples asked Yeshua before His accession if he was going to "restore the kingdom to Israel." (Acts 1:6) Yes, that will happen one day, but first the gospel would go to every nation (Matt. 24:14, Acts 1:8).

But the tragedy is that the very people who benefitted from Israel's hardening—the Gentiles—ended up judging, persecuting, and even murdering the Jewish people for much of the last two millennia.

But God is turning the hearts of the nations.
The Gentile part of the Body of Messiah is turning toward God’s firstborn, Israel, longing for salvation to come, for the hardening to be removed, and for the veil to be lifted.


And one day, we know that will indeed happen.

On Giving Tuesday, will you invest in spreading the gospel in Israel through Messiah’s Mandate? We long to reach all Israelis with the love and truth that God’s kingdom is here and now and that King Yeshua is coming back soon.

Please make a generous end-of-the-year donation to Messiah’s Mandate on this Giving Tuesday.

Let’s stand together until we see the day that “Kol Israel yevasha” – All Israel will be saved.



Ron Cantor

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