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Yeshua said we wouldn’t be able to finish going through the towns of Israel, sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God, before He returns—but we think we can at least try!

In Tikkun Israel, there are leaders from 10 congregations or ministries—and one that I want to talk with you about today is in Akko, an ancient port city in the north. The congregation is called Katzir Asher, which means “Harvest of Asher.” Akko is in the northern part of Israel, near Lebanon, and right on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. It even has an Old City similar to the one in Jerusalem. In the days of Joshua, this region was given as the portion for the tribe of Asher. However, they never fully occupied the area as they were commanded to. 

But the Messianic community of Katzir Asher is finishing the work! Not with swords or spears, but in the Spirit—sharing the good news of Yeshua with the Israelis of Akko.

Katzir Asher is a daughter congregation of the Tents of Mercy congregation I introduced you to last week. The pastor at Katzir Asher is Guy Cohen, a native of Akko who grew up in this city. Guy was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family and, after much searching, discovered the Messiah he had longed for—Yeshua. 

As a son of the city, Guy has a special connection with the city municipality, and his congregation has become a resource for humanitarian aid for their community, especially this past year. As tens of thousands of Jewish Ukrainian immigrants have flooded into Israel, many have settled in the north. 

We were able to send $40-50,000 to Guy (through your efforts, plus #IAMWITHISRAEL) to provide those fleeing war-torn Ukraine with basic necessities, like a mattress, hot water pots (you would be surprised how handy these are!), microwaves, and more.

And that’s just a sample of what Guy and Katzir Asher do! In Israel, most schoolteachers are either atheists or, at best secular. Our children need to be nurtured in the ways of Kingdom life and to know Yeshua and Messianic parents need a safe place to send their children. Katzir Asher has established a powerful youth ministry and an afterschool program for young children to meet these needs.

Will you consider partnering with us as we stand our Messianic brothers and sisters on the frontlines of ministry in Akko? 

Katzir Asher is shining the light of Yeshua to their city. 

Please donate today and be a part of this amazing outreach as we preach the good news of Yeshua in all the CITIES OF ISRAEL!


Ron Cantor

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