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It's been two months since Russia invaded Ukraine. The war continues on several fronts (even our beloved Odessa, where we lived in 98 and 99, is being targeted now 😢). Thousands of people have been killed, millions of mostly women and children have been displaced, and countless brothers and sisters remain in Ukraine, committed to helping their neighbors.


This week I received a report from a pastor in Khmelnytskyi in western Ukraine and we immediately responded by promising to send them $5,000 this week. Will you help?


Here is what he wrote:


In this difficult time, our small community continues to gather at the community office, many have left, but the most faithful brothers and sisters remain. Since the beginning of the war, we have received more than 200 people from hot spots on the East side of Ukrainian, and many with dogs and cats, we have given them a place, food, and clothes.

Now a family of 17 people, including 4 children, live in the office on a permanent basis.

Also, we do not miss the opportunity to help those in need, we collect food for refugee families, during this period we have blessed more than 100 bags.


Sasha is not getting paid at her job right now. There is no work, so she volunteers all the time.


We sent aid several times to Irpin, Kharkiv, and to villages in the Kyiv region. Now we plan to send in the direction of Kharkiv and the region. Since we don't have our own bus, we hire a car. Please pray for our trip to Kharkiv. We plan to prepare and buy meat stews with porridge there. 


We have now drained our savings and would welcome any support. 

  • Congregational utility costs for the office, food, and fuel

  • We rent a warehouse to have a place where to pack and collect products

  • We help our sisters and brothers who at that time were left without funds

  • Wet wipes (many are without water), gloves, shoes

A lot of work to do...  


As you can see, the needs are great! But the good news is that we can help them.


This week we are sending them $5,000 thanks to you! Your gifts are saving lives, feeding the hungry, and helping orphans. Thanks to a donor, we also just sent $5,200 to an orphanage. Now, we have found 10 more near Kyiv, and we will send another $5,200.


Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself. Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies. (Hebrews 13:3)


Our brothers and sisters are in desperate need—and yet they continue to think only of others, those less fortunate than them.

Image by Gerhard Reus


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