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It's time to spread the Gospel in Israel!

When I was a kid my dad had this gizmo that he would fill with fertilizer or grass seed or something good for our front lawn. Then as he pushed it forward it would automatically spray its contents evenly over the grass. As a result, we had a beautiful front lawn.

When it comes to sharing the gospel, there is no question that a personal connection is very important. But it is also affective to plant is many seeds as you can. I see Shelanu TV like my dad’s seed-spreading gadget. Every minute of every day we are broadcasting the good news of Yeshua to Hebrew speakers in Israel.

And I found out that the gizmo my dad used is called a “Broadcast Spreader.” How great is that? That is exactly what Shelanu TV is, as we broadcast and spread the life-changing message of Yeshua to Israelis!

But we are more than that!

We have several evangelists, two who work for Shelanu, and other believers who just want to engage their fellow Israelis about Yeshua, who answer questions online, deal with Jewish objections to Jesus and challenge those who would oppose us with the prophecies that point to Yeshua. It starts with the broadcast spreader, but ends with a personal connection.

And don’t forget that you too play a powerful part in spreading the Gospel in Hebrew. Your support has enabled us to created hundreds of new videos in Hebrew, employ a team of Messianic Jews who want to reach Israelis and purchase ads on social media. The video below has 141 comments, mostly from Israelis. 

And honestly, many of them are not nice. But most Jewish people have not heard about the true Jewish Messiah. We are seeking to change that. We are planting seeds!

Please consider partnering with Shelanu TV and let’s share with Israelis the truth about Israel’s Messiah—let Shelanu be your “Broadcast Spreader” to plant many seeds across the Jewish nation. 

Thank you for loving Israel, for giving her the gospel. 


Only 1%!

After the Holocaust and once Israel was reborn as the modern state it is today, something miraculous started to stir in the hearts of believers all around the world. Generous financial gifts began to pour in from Christians, and as a result, Israelis have been blessed with armored buses, beautiful playgrounds for children, ambulances, bomb shelters, and so much more.

And while that is a strong witness to the love of Christians toward the Jewish people, astonishingly, I've been told that only about 1% of the money sent to Israel from believers has been used to directly share the good news of the GREATEST LOVE of all—Yeshua. We have to change that!

Shelanu TV is the first and only 24.7 digital channel sharing the gospel in HEBREW with Israelis. So, if you have a heart to share the good news of Yeshua with His people, investing in Shelanu TV is the “good soil” you have been looking for.

Shelanu TV is BY Israelis, FOR Israelis—unique, high-quality content in HEBREW—sharing the truth about Yeshua all day, every day.

It’s a great thing that has happened between the Church and Israel in the last 100 years or so. Christians have started to bless and support the Jewish people—something that hasn’t been the case for most of the 2,000 years of Church history.

Your love is a powerful witness to my people—together, let’s make sure EVERY Israeli knows the source of our hope and love—Yeshua the Messiah.

Consider becoming a monthly supporter of Shelanu TV or making a one-time donation.

Together, let’s reach ALL ISRAEL with the gospel!

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