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Why Understanding Israel is VITAL for the Health of the Church!

How can we establish an accurate ecclesiology (study of the Church), pneumatology (study of the Holy Spirit), or eschatology (end times) while ignoring Israel?

For 1900 years, the Church developed its theology under the false premise that God has rejected the Jewish people forever—the Church has replaced Israel. This is called supersessionism, replacement theology, fulfillment theology, and now, some call it transference theology –God’s promises to Abraham have been transferred to the Church.

It’s understandable how early theologians rejected Israel. Jewish leadership rejected Jesus, the Temple was destroyed as Messiah predicted, Jerusalem was conquered, and the Jews scattered.

But, in 1948, Israel was rebirthed as the prophets predicted, and most theologians have failed to factor in what appears to be the greatest prophetic fulfillment since the 70 CE destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem into their theology.

I submit it is not reasonable to ignore Israel’s restoration...and here's why...

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