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Why Bibi snubbed Obama

The White is saying it is not a snub. It is just a scheduling issue. But make no mistake—Bibi snubbed Obama. Never in the history of American/Israeli relations has an Israeli Prime Minister refused to meet with a U.S. President. But why?

First, here is what happened. Bibi was coming to Washington for the annual AIPAC (American Israel Political Action Committee) rally. He figured it would be good to meet with the President. But the President was going to Cuba—our new communist, tyrannical ally. The White House is saying that they offered March 18th, before his trip, while Bibi’s team claims that Obama could not find time for the Prime Minister. And now both sides claim the other is speaking lies. In the end Bibi said, “Eh, forget it. I think I’ll stay home.”

So here is my take…

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We all know from eight years of watching President Obama, that he has disdain for Benjamin Netanyahu and maybe the very idea of a Jewish state. On one of the Prime Minister’s first visits, Obama made Bibi enter the White House through a side door, lost his temper and walked out of meetings to go eat dinner (leaving his guests without food) and refused a photo op. Most likely because he was still quite gullible in thinking he could win over the Islamic nations. Sadly, that didn’t work out.

The relationship never improved much and nearly exploded a year ago when Netanyahu appeared before Congress to blast the Obama/Kerry Iran Nuke Deal. The president was furious.

However, we are in an election year. Jews vote. And other Americans who love Israel vote. And Americans who may not love Israel, but think our relationship is important, vote. And the President wants the country to see—with more and more Jews becoming disillusioned with him—that now that his grand dream of peace in the Muslim world has vaporized before his eyes, he has good relations with Israel (even if he internally believes Israel is the source of much of the problems in the Middle East) which bodes well for Hillary. Simply put, he wants to meet with Bibi to help the dems.

Bibi, on the other hand, definitely has no interest in boosting up Obama. He wants America to know that this President has been no friend of Israel. And, while it would be unbecoming for an Israeli Prime Minister to endorse a party or candidate, he can be passively aggressive by sending a clear message, without words, that he is not rooting for the democrats. He wants to see a strong Republican in the White House who is not blinded to Islamic terror and will take ISIS and Iran seriously.

My guess is that he is praying for a Cruz victory, as he has been the most outspoken in his Biblically based, undying support for Israel. Don’t worry Mr. Prime Minister, I voted for Cruz for you.

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