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Today is the Feast of Shavuot. If you didn’t have time to watch my teaching video the other day, I hope you find some time (CLICK HERE).


Last night was a great surprise. We were invited to the home of three sisters who are all married. Their parents and lots of kids were there as well. We met this extended family when we returned to Israel on October 13. We went straight from the airport to Moshav Nehora and started doing whatever we could to stand with our nation. A moshav is a large farming neighborhood where each person owns their own farming land. The girls grew up there. Nehora became a makeshift army base, and we were there almost every night at the beginning of the war.

Dovev is married to Meirav, and they have been together since they were children, growing up together on the moshav. Dovev is also the commander of an army unit that you have been helping for eight months. Your gifts have made the most difficult eight months of their lives bearable. We just purchased a bunch of fans, as it is now roughly 100° every day. And it’s even hotter in Gaza because of the high humidity next to the beach.

Sadly, Dovev could not leave Gaza to celebrate the Biblical Feast of Shavuot with us. There was a general sadness, not merely because of his lack of presence but because of the danger he faces every day. 

Who’s that at the door?

We’ve all seen the videos of a husband, father, or mom showing up at a holiday or graduation, where everyone thinks they’re half a world away in Iraq or Afghanistan. If there can be an advantage to fighting a war 30 minutes from your home, this is it … suddenly a dirty, sweaty, and burly Dovev walked through the gate into the courtyard with three other soldiers! We all cheered. I gave him a big hug, and the stench of war filled my nostrils. I did not mind. He has become like a brother.

You all purchased a portable pizza oven for his unit. This came in handy for Shavuot, a holiday during which we eat lots of cheese and other dairy products. In no time, we had it fired up and churning out pizzas.

We are continuing to help soldiers like Dovev. Your partnership is making an amazing difference and maybe even saving lives. Thank you. 

Hamas admits wanting Palestinians to Die!

Yahya Sinwar, Hamas' October 7 mastermind, admitted that he wants Palestinian women and children to die. The more, the better for their cause. This came out after they officially rejected the deal that could’ve ended the war.

Now, we know why Hamas embeds themselves with non-combatants. Their strategy is to evoke world sympathy through massive amounts of civilian deaths, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Sinwar said, "[civilian deaths] are necessary sacrifices,” in messages he sent to other Hamas leaders. He told Hamas political leader Ismail Hanaya in Qatar that the deaths of three of his sons and four grandsons would “infuse life into the veins of this nation, prompting it to rise to its glory and honor.” (Which has not happened.)

Sinwar wrote that Hamas can "continue fighting for months" and was angry at those negotiating for a ceasefire, calling ceasefire meetings “shameful and outrageous.” He continued, “As long as fighters are still standing and we have not lost the war, such contacts should immediately be terminated.” The fact is, he wants to see the number of noncombatant deaths skyrocket. He wants to see images of dead Palestinian children in the streets. He feels that is in Hamas' best interest.

Hezbollah is Mad

So far this morning, there have been over 170 alerts on my phone, each one letting me know that Hezbollah has fired a rocket into Israel. Does the world even know we are in a more serious military conflict in northern Israel? For the first time, they targeted the tourist sea of Galilee town of Tiberius.

Apparently, they were not happy that Israel neutralized Taleb Abdullah yesterday. He is the most senior commander to be killed since the war began. In addition to the 170 rockets today, 80 were fired last night as we enjoyed our Shavuot pizzas.

One day, I’ll be able to emotionally unpack what it’s like for life to go on as normal and yet not normal at all, as you are attacked with rockets from two fronts, over 1,000 of your own people have been killed, and over 100 are still being held hostage in Gaza. Yet, you celebrate a holiday. You pray the prayers. Life goes on… and yet it stands still.

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