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Over 1300 Israelis dead - help bring Yeshua’s comfort to the grieving

The sixth day of this war brings to light more atrocities. The death toll of Israelis is now over 1300. In nearly two decades of Hamas rockets, we've never seen more than a few casualties. The idea that they caused the death of 1300 Jewish citizens, not to mention some Arabs and internationals, in the State of Israel is unthinkable. Before Saturday, it was unimaginable. We are humbled as a nation. We are broken as a people. But we are as determined as ever to do whatever it takes to overcome with the help of God—to make sure Am Israel Chai (The Jewish people Live)!

Unedited Video!

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant reminded a group of 31 NATO defense ministers today that this is not 1943 (during the Holocaust) but 2023.

“We have been hit hard. Yet make no mistake – 2023 is not 1943. We are the same Jews, but we have different capabilities. The State of Israel is strong. We are united, and powerful.”

He showed them video, unedited, of the atrocities of Hamas.

United States

Israelis are deeply encouraged by the speech of President Biden two days ago. No matter what you think of Biden’s policies or age (things that concern me), he came out forcefully defending the State of Israel. President Biden began:

You know, there are moments in this life — and I mean this literally — when the pure, unadulterated evil is unleashed on this world.
The people of Israel lived through one such moment this weekend. The bloody hands of the terrorist organization Hamas — a group whose stated purpose for being is to kill Jews.

[Watch/Read his speech]

A friend of mine who is a fierce critic of the US president wrote,

Joe Biden's speech is the best he ever gave. I am not a fan of Joe Biden, but someone wrote that speech and he accepted it and said it well. It was as if the Spirit overcame his age and difficulty speaking. He condemned Hamas as a ruthless terrorist organization and its atrocities. He pledged to stand with Israel absolutely. The next day his administration condemned the radical leftists (in the US) who were blaming Israel for the situation due to the occupation.

President Herzog shared today:

“My nation is grieving. This tragedy has inflicted almost every home in Israel,” he says in a briefing to foreign journalists at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem.
“It will be a long and drawn-out campaign against Hamas, which is basically a long and drawn-out campaign on ISIS,” he says.
Herzog, [who] show[ed] reporters a slideshow of kidnapped children and babies, says that Holocaust survivors were killed, entire families were slaughtered together and set on fire in the brutal Hamas rampage in southern Israel.

Egypt Says No!

Israel is doing everything it can to protect innocent Palestinians in Gaza. Egypt, on the other hand, has closed its border. Wait, let me be clear—her border is always closed to Palestinians. When we're not at war, outside of my apartment are usually 10 to 20 Palestinian workers, who have work permits and come daily from Gaza.

Ironically, Israel gets all the blame regarding Gaza. Egypt does not let anyone inside from Gaza to work. Egypt could open its borders to save the lives of Palestinians.

You may not know it, but from 1948 to 1967, Egypt controlled Gaza. It was shut up like a prison. When Israel won the Six-Day War, Israeli soldiers were treated like liberators. For the first several years, my wife would go with her father and shop for vegetables in Gaza. We all got along.

But then the PLO stirred up nationalism and terrorism.

It should come as no surprise that Egypt is not willing to protect innocent Palestinian life. They never have been willing to. And no one will care. The UN will not care. NATO will not care. The rest of the Muslim world will not care. In truth, they don't really care about Palestinians. They simply hate Israel.

Help Israel Now!

Please consider a special gift, a significant gift, to help Israel in her time of need. As a believer, your gift will show Israel what Jesus really looks like.

He doesn't look like a Nazi.

He doesn't look like a crusader.

He doesn't look like the church of the Middle Ages, that sometimes burned Jews alive!

That is our mission at Shelanu.TV. Whether by media or acts of kindness, we want to help Israel rethink the person of Yeshua. We want them to see him as he really is.

He feeds the hungry.

He clothes the naked.

He stands against injustice.

Please go to and give whatever you can!

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Pieter van Staden
Pieter van Staden
Oct 13, 2023

I believe it is time for Zechariah's prophesy below to go into fulfilment. Notice that the verse which comes shortly after that has already been fulfilled when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey.

"I will put an end to the pride of the Philistines.

I will take the blood from their mouths,

the forbidden food from between their teeth.

Those who are left will belong to our God

and become a clan in Judah,

and Ekron will be like the Jebusites."


Oct 12, 2023

Thank you for writing that very important information about Egypt, the Arab nations and the United Nothings regarding the Palestinians. I heard and read about the inhumane treatment of Palestinians by their Arab brothers in Arab countries years ago. The majority of people are busy vilifying Israel and believing the lies about Israel that they fail to acknowledge how Palestinians are actually treated by their Arab brothers. Israel's treatment of the Palestinians is a contrast to how Arab nations treat them. People in the deep state of our nation are playing both sides and they're playing a very dangerous game. The Resident of the White House is just a puppet. Barry Sotoero and his ilk are the masterminds. I believe…

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