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VIDEO: Five 4 Friday March 22

Take five minutes every Friday to pray for revival in Tel Aviv.

This week pray:

  1. For Asher Intrater as he preaches the word.

  2. For our worship team, that they would be anointed from on high, and led by the Holy Spirit.

  3. That God would speak to us prophetically.

  4. That Israelis would be born again!

  5. Pray for blessings and protection on our team of elders and their families.

  6. Pray with passion!!!

We had a wonderful leadership training session last night. Asher led a discussion on Matt. 18 and how to communicate correctly as believers. I received an encouraging email today from one of these young leaders saying how happy she was to be receiving training from the pastoral team. She said that she was not used to the pastoral team seeking to be involved in her life and wanting her input. I was very blessed!

Please keep “S”, “M” and “A” in prayer, that God will build them a strong foundation. Pray also for “E” and “S” who both made professions of faith over the past two weeks.


Thank you for your partnership in prayer.

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