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Video and Prayer Requests

Dear Friends,

I would really appreciate your prayers this morning. I will be preaching at our congregation Tiferet Yeshua a message comparing the Passover Lamb from Ex. 12 to Yeshua, the Lamb of God from John 1:29. This is an outreach message as well as a teaching, as I will emphasize that the blood of Messiah offers eternal protection, whereas the blood of the Passover Lamb offered just physical and temporary protection.

›› Pray for anointing.

›› Pray that I will flow in Hebrew!

›› Pray for souls! That unbelievers would come.

›› Pray for our worship team to be free in the Spirit.

›› Pray for Gil, one of our elders, as he oversees the meeting.

This is also a special service because it is a joint service with another Tel Aviv congregation, Bet Immanuel. Tanya, one of our worship leaders, has been working with the children of both congregation, training them in music and today they will sing several songs. These tend to be serious productions, with flutes, violins and other instruments. Should be exciting!

Please also keep my family in prayer. Elana is in the U.S. with our older daughters and I will be traveling there to minister (and to see them!!!) in about 10 days. Danielle is doing an excellent job in the army, but I know she would appreciate your prayers. She is a vegetarian and its Passover.

While over 60,000 Ultra Orthodox don’t serve in the army, the rabbis spare expense to make sure the soldiers are not eating or hording any non-“kosher for Passover” foods. And while they are supposed to provide good, vegetarian meals, they often don’t, which leaves Danielle hungry (and angry). Please pray for her.

Last week another Israeli asked Yeshua into her heart; the mother of a new believer. Pray for more salvation this week as we preach the Good News of Yeshua in Hebrew

›› Please keep “S”and “M” in prayer, that God will build them a strong foundation.›› Pray for “A”, a new believer who keeps promising to come to the congregation, but always something happens. I spoke to him Wednesday and he promised to come. He needs a breakthrough. Since he became a believer he lost his job and has experienced other trials (Matt. 13). Pray that he overcomes the enemy.›› Pray also for “E” and “S” who both made professions of faith over the past two weeks and “L’s” mother who professed faith last week.


Thank you so much!

Until all Israel is saved (Rom. 11:26)!


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