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United Nations Group Helped Hamas

Have you heard of UNRWA? It is the United Nations Relief Agency for Palestinians. Shockingly, UNRAW USA claims, “UNRWA USA receives Platinum, the highest rating for transparency, accountability, and administration from GuideStar.” Apparently, GuideStar doesn’t know that UNRWA works hand in hand with Hamas.

We now know that UNRWA participated with Hamas in terrorist activities. Israel recently provided proof that at least 12 workers were complicit and active in the October 7 massacre. Yesterday, the IDF uncovered a weapon cache in Khan Yunis. They found explosive devices in a UNRWA bag. 

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that 1,200 UNRWA workers have ties to Hamas or Islamic Jihad. “Around 10% of Palestinian aid agency’s 12,000 staff in Gaza have links to militants, according to intelligence dossier.” They reported:

Six United Nations Relief and Works Agency workers were part of the wave of Palestinian militants who killed 1,200 people in the deadliest assault on Jews since the Holocaust, according to the intelligence dossier. Two helped kidnap Israelis. Two others were tracked to sites where scores of Israeli civilians were shot and killed. Others coordinated logistics for the assault, including procuring weapons.

In Kibbutz Be’eri—a devastated community that we visited just two weeks ago—a UNRWA school teacher, who doubles as a Hamas commander, took part in the deadly massacre that killed 97 Israelis. In addition, 26 people were taken hostage at Be’eri alone. The WSJ report said, “A math teacher belonging to Hamas was close enough to a female hostage in Gaza that he took a picture of her. Another teacher was carrying an antitank missile the night before the invasion.”

According to an Israeli government officer, UNRWA’s problem is not just ‘a few bad apples’ involved in the October 7 massacre. The institution as a whole is a haven for Hamas’ radical ideology.” UNRWA officials declined to comment on the shocking developments and pending internal investigation.


Several countries immediately cut funding to UNRWA, including the three largest donors: the United States, Germany, and Sweden. Those three countries combined for nearly half of their budget. Ironically, none of them are Muslim-majority countries or Arab countries. Arab oil money could take care of the UNRWA budget quite easily, but they don’t seem to be bothered by the Palestinian refugee problem. In fact, many assume they like it as it is so they can use the Palestinians as propaganda against Israel.


Without UNRWA, Gaza has no economy. And so now it is facing a more severe humanitarian crisis. With Hamas stealing all the aid that comes into Gaza and using it to build an underground terror city of tunnels, UNRWA is the only way to feed people. In essence, UNRWA takes care of Gaza so Hamas can focus on terrorism. And the West funds it!


No one should have to live like this every day. The Iron Dome is great but it is not 100 percent. Missiles fly at us routinely and the impact is deadly and far-reaching.

And yet, that is how it has been in Israel for the last 100+ days.

Today in Part 5 of our series, you can WATCH as we walk through some of the impact zone at Kibbutz Zikim.

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I wish some verses did not occur in the Bible. Mark 13:9 and Luke 21:12 speaks to Jesus followers (who were Jews at the time) but Matthew 24:9 may include Jews as well, and history seems to support this view. However, the scariest verses are found in the synoptic gospels in connection with the "abomination of desolation". The only possible way to escape that scenario is through faith in Jesus (Luke 21:36; 1 Thessalonians 5:9; 2 Peter 2:9). That is why I have for 40 years been supporting those who reach out to Jewish people with the gospel. A South African, Malcolm Hedding, moved to Lebanon in days past to broadcast the gospel into Israel. The fact that the good…

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