The Munich Massacre Part 3 — Shame on you IOC

The IOC Pulls a Fast One on Munich Families

Israeli Ilana Romano, widow of an Israeli Olympian Yossef Romano killed by Palestinian Terrorists at the Munich Olympics in 1972

In college someone once told me that he who seeks to sit on both sides of the fence ruptures himself. The International Olympic Committee is seeking to do just that, as on Monday they held a hastily prepared ‘Surprise’ Memorial for the victims of the 1972 Munich Massacre.

On the one hand, it was the first time EVER that the cowardly committee publicly acknowledged the memory of the eleven Israelis who were murdered by Palestinian terrorists in cold blood in an Olympic village. On the other hand, it happened so quickly that I doubt any of the widows or children of the victims were in attendance.


In another bizarre twist, “Following the ceremony London Mayor Johnson pumped his fist and said ‘Great speech.’”[i] I think that would be equivalent to high-fiving someone after a eulogy.

Back Story

This hastily arranged, under promoted, secret memorial (lest Arab nations be offended that the murdered Israelis were honored) would not have happened at all were it not for the international pressure that has been mounted upon the IOC in recent months. It all started when Danny Ayalon, Israel’s deputy foreign minister, began to tweet that people needed to call upon the IOC to have a moment of silence, in order to remember the Munich Eleven.

On April 23rd, Ayalon sent this letter to the IOC asking for a minute of silence during this year’s Olympic games, marking the 40th anniversary of the Munich Massacre. Ayalon’s gesture was rejected. Mounting pressure continued, and even President Obama and Governor Romney called upon the IOC to give in.

I do understand the position of the IOC. There are one billion Arabs in the world. Many of the presidents/kings/dictators of these nations look at the Palestinian terrorists who carried out the crime as heroes. As we reported previously  the bodies were buried in Libya with full military honors and the three surviving terrorists were delivered as heroes to Libya (in a staged hijacking of a Lufthansa passenger jet).

too late! already political

The IOC doesn’t want to politicize the Olympics. But they already were when the Israelis were killed. You can’t make believe that Moshe Weinberg (wrestling coach) and Yossef Romano (weightlifter) were not murdered in the initial attack as they sought to protect other athletes by political terrorists. Or that a carefully placed grenade by one of the Black September members did not end the lives of Ze’ev Friedman (weightlifter), David Berger (weightlifter), Yakov Springer (weightlifting judge) and Eliezer Halfin (wrestler).

You can’t pretend that bullets from the gun of a militant savage did not rip through the bodies of Yossef Gutfreund (wrestling referee), Kehat Shorr (shooting coach), Mark Slavin (wrestler), Andre Spitzer (fencing coach) and Amitzur Shapira (track coach).

Hence, a brief, hastily prepared ceremony was arranged earlier this week. “Not enough,” was the response of Munich Massacre widows Ankie Spitzer and Ilana Romano. They met with IOC President Jacques Rogge where they presented him with their online petition of 107,000 signatures. Their request was once again denied.