Sharing Yeshua with Israelis in Prague!

Testimony of Baruch

Elana and I were flying to Prague for Awakening Europe. I have really changed the way I live. Every day I expect God to use me. Not because I am special, but because He so loves this hurting world.

For years, I prayed this prayer:

I expect divine appointments in my life. I expect kingdom connections to take place daily. I expect to lead Israelis to Yeshua. I expect the gift of healing to work in my life with Israelis! I expect angels to be active in my life, working on my behalf for the glory of God. 

It is a powerful prayer, but I rarely acted on it. I have been a passive evangelist—walking through doors when they opened. Now I am a pro-active one. Now I am seeking out people.

Healing at 30,000-Feet

In the middle of our flight to Prague, a young man (26-years-old) came to front of the plane. He complained to the flight attendants that he was not feeling well. He came several times and I could tell that they were losing patience with him. I thought to ask him if he wanted prayer, but I had a check in my spirit that the timing was wrong.

I waited about a half hour and then began to sense the Holy Spirit’s presence. He was sitting one seat in front of me. I got up and sat beside him across the aisle and asked, “Are you not feeling well?” I asked him if I could pray for him. He said it would not help. I said, “God can do anything and sometimes when I pray for people, they get healed.” With that, he took my hand and allowed me to pray for him. His name was Baruch, which means Blessed!

“I Feel Love”

After I prayed, I asked him what he felt and he looked at me and said, “I feel love…I feel love coming from you.” I sat down with him and shared my testimony in Hebrew. Then he gave me his ‘take’ on God, which was not biblical, but then he added something very interesting. He told me, “God uses people. Sometimes we pray for something and God sends someone to you and you don’t realize that this person is God’s answer to your prayers. Look at me. I came to the flight attendants and they did not want to help me. Yes, they gave me water but really they hate me…they hate me! But you saw I was not feeling well