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Shame on you Dan Shapiro!

Dan Shapiro is the US Ambassador to Israel… and he should go wash his mouth out with motor oil. Yesterday we buried a mother of six who was brutally murdered when a Palestinian terrorist entered her home. She sought to fight off the terrorist, shouting, “Kill me, not my children.” Adopted herself, she and her husband adopted several children…who are now motherless.

Yes, on the same day that the honorable Mr. Shapiro leveled sharp criticism at Israel for not going after Jewish terrorists, like we go after Arab ones, Dafna Meir, the mother of six, was laid to rest. To equate Arab terror with Jewish terror on any day is simply pathetic. Here a few thoughts that Amb. Shapiro might want to consider.

  1.  In Israel, when a Jew commits an act of terror, there is public shock and outrage. In the Palestinian governed areas when an Arab commits an act of terror there is adulation in the streets—candies are passed out by proud mothers before the deceased Israeli is even laid to rest. The “martyr” might get a street named after him or a public square. Israelis are disgusted by the thought that an Israeli could even think of committing such an act against unarmed innocent Arabs. Arabs are overjoyed by acts of terror.

  2. Far less than 1% of Israelis are radical. Gaza’s government is run by terrorists. The Palestinian Authority was birthed in terror and so far, President Abbas has not condemned even one of the recent stabbings or shootings in Israel. Jewish terror is not even on the same planet as radical Islamic terror.

  3. There are rarely deadly attacks by Israelis against Arabs. There are daily attacks by Palestinian Arabs against unarmed, unwitting Israelis.

  4. When an act of terror was carried out against an Arab family recently, Israel arrested the Jewish youth who carried out the act and tortured him until he confessed (What more do you want Mr. Shapiro?). He will spend the rest of his life in jail. In the rare event that the Palestinian police arrest one of their own, the suspect will likely be released in what is often called the revolving door of the Palestinian jails.

  5. The father of the savage who butchered Dafna in front of her children said he was “proud” of his son for carrying out the act of terror.

So Mr. Shapiro, instead of criticizing Israel for what you deem to be a lackluster effort to crack down on the tiny radical element in Israel, why not compare Israel to the Palestinian Authority or Hamas-governed Gaza? Hamas is a lethal threat to every Arab in Gaza every day—far more of a threat than Israel is. They execute and behead suspected calibrators without a trial. They torture those Muslims who are not Islamic enough. And in the West Bank, don’t you dare utter a word of criticism against the Palestinian Authority or you may be tortured like this teen.

You are real brave to criticize democratic Israel, where you know you will not suffer, except from a few angry bloggers. Why not venture into Gaza and lecture the bloodthirsty terrorists there. Or maybe go to the West Bank to implore President Abbas to finally condemn this wave of terror. In other words, tackle the real problem instead of lecturing us in Israel over a fake one.

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