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Pope’s Henchman attacks Whistle Blower

What’s the difference between the Pope’s inner circle and the typical “spin team” of a politician? Sadly, not much.In what I can only label as clueless, tone-deaf and heartless, Cardinal Blaise Cupich, head of the Archdiocese of Chicago,says the Pope doesn’t have time to focus on priests raping little boys, because he has more importantthingsto deal with, like the environment and immigration.

To be clear, the issue he was indirectly referring to was the raping, or molesting, of more than 1,000 children and those studying for the ministry.  His remark was directly connected to the accusation from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò that “Pope Francis not only disregarded sexual abuse allegations against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, but promoted McCarrick and sought his counsel.” (Daily Wire)

Here is “Father” Cupich’s exact quote:

“[The Pope has] got to get on with other things, of talking about the environment and protecting migrants and carrying on the work of the church. We’re not going to go down a rabbit hole on this.”

Sadly, the mainstream media has been mostly silent. This Washington Postarticle focused almost entirely on the accusation that the accuser of Pope Francis has a hidden agenda, and ignored the most important issue: The Pope may have known about the perversion of Cardinal McCarrick and, not only did he do nothing to stop him, he promoted him.Whatever Archbishop Vigano’s motives are, the accusation is stunning and must be investigated.

At the end of the Pope’s customary Wednesday General Audience the crowd gathered in St. Peter’s Square can be heard chanting “Viganò, Viganò, Viganò”, before Vatican Media cuts the microphones — Catholic Sat (@CatholicSat) August 29, 2018

However, Cupich has other plans: Stone the messenger and ignore the message. If they can discredit Archbishop Vigano, then they will not have to answer allegations against the Pope.

Taking a page right out of the ‘Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi handbook’, Cupich pulled out the racism card, claiming, “Quite frankly, they also don’t like him because he’s Latino.” The Pope is 100% Italian, not Latino!But why let the truth get in the way of a good smear?

Growing up Jewish, I didn’t have a great understanding of the Catholic Church. But I always had great reverence for the Pope. He transcended politics. He was sort of super-humanin my eyes. It is stunning for me to see how much things have changed. I am not sure what is more shocking: The Pope covering for a pedophile or the discovering that he has a team of henchmen to spin the accusation. It seems that the Pope’s inner circle is no different than the inner circle of any two-bit politician.

The press is complicit in protecting their beloved pontiff. The Daily Wire’sBen Shapiro has sought to shine the light on this cover-up:

It’s pretty astonishing. So several years ago, obviously, when the media started to delve into all of the sex abuse allegations against the Catholic Church, there was a great deal of enthusiasm, I think rightly so, in the press, for investigating all of that. But now that Pope Francis is at the head of the church and they like Pope Francis more than they liked Pope Benedict, in the left-wing press, suddenly they have to rush to Pope Francis’ defense over these allegations. And The New York Times ran one of the worst headlines I’ve ever seen today, talking about how as the allegations against Pope Francis mount, conservatives pounce. Conservatives pounce? How is conservatives pouncing on sex abuse allegations the story?

Yes, the story is not that the Pope may have aided and abetted a pedophile, but that conservatives are upset about it (insert incredulous look here). Leftist media outlets appear less than enthusiastic to attack their favorite pope. He is soft on homosexuality, concerned about global warming and for open borders. They love him! He is not your daddy’s pope.

The Pope seems to embrace liberation theology, where Jesus is not seen as a savior in the sense that He died for our sins, but He is a savior in that He leads a rebellion against oppression. Except that He didn’t. He actually rebuked His followers who wanted to rebel against the Romans, to focus on the more important issue of sin and redemption.

Liberation theology, espoused by Louis Farrakhan, Palestinian Protestants and left-wing socialists, finds inspiration in the ancient Israelites, as they stood up against Pharaoh. (It is ironic that anti-Semitism and liberation theology go hand-in-hand.) Jesus is their Che Guevara, leading the fight against oppression.

Progressives see Pope Francis as an ally. But now that it appears he may have covered for a serial rapist, the left-wing media is in a quandary—investigate to find the truth or ignore and crucify the accuser? Instead of shining a light on the papacy, they are attacking the Archbishop Vigano. Sadly, the Pope’s inner circle is nothing more than a bunch of politicians with funny hats. Oh that we would have more heroes like Vigano. How wretched to be one of the Pope’s intimidators, tasked with spinning his gross misconduct.

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