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My response to this Muslim man living in Nebraska

My response to this Muslim man living in Nebraska to the LIE that Israel (spelled correctly here) turned Gaza into a prison.

Actually, Egypt did that in 1948. Please study your history. Egypt grabbed Gaza during Israel's War of Independence and turned it into an open-air prison. Egypt did NOTHING to help their fellow Arabs/Muslims for the 19 years between 1948-67.

In 1967, Israel took Gaza in the Six-Day War, and the people of Gaza were happy to be free from Egypt. There are reports that the people of Gaza met the Israeli soldiers with joy. That lasted for many years. I have told the story of my Israeli wife going to Gaza when she was seven to shop with her dad. It was not until the PLO got involved that the bad relations began. Without the PLO and HAMAS, Gaza could be a prosperous Mediterranean enclave today.

Also, Agha, you do realize that Egypt has a border with Gaza. Let me say this again because most people do not know this: EGYPT HAS A BORDER WITH GAZA!!! If they cared at all about the Arabs of Gaza, they could have been helping them for years. Instead, they closed their border. If Egypt wanted to, it could give the people of Gaza passage to their airports, passports, entry permits to work, etc. Egypt could get rid of Hamas (like they did in Egypt) and help Gaza. But they do not care about their Arab brothers.

Do you know who gives Palestinians from Gaza work permits??? Wait for it...ISRAEL!!! Just outside my apartment on most days, dozens of Palestinians have good jobs building our sidewalks, streets, and bike paths. I often greeted them when I walked by. When we moved to Ashkelon, our movers were from Gaza. I drove them back to get a ride into Gaza. We gave them big tips and the main one KISSED ME!!! They hate Hamas. The fact is, I know more Gazans than you!

Hamas steals medicine, aid money, and fuel from their people. At the same time, they have done NOTHING in 20 years to help build up Gaza. They are focused 100% on Muslim fanatism. They don't believe that they have any real responsibility to the people, just to Allah, and he wants them to destroy Israel. If Palestinians die in the process, then they die; they believe that they have magical powers to grant them martyr status—this way, they have no guilt over women and children dying. In fact, they believe they are doing them a favor. They have no guilt about building their HQ under a hospital. They love death and know that Israelis will trade living terrorists just to get back one corpse of an Israeli soldier.

They use that same logic to FORCE the people of Gaza to be human shields. Now, if that sounds like a fun place to live, you might want to consider immigrating. Those fleeing the conflict have been shot at by Hamas (we have proof of this in a radio transmission).

It is true as well that some Gazans have died because of Israel’s bombing. But there would be no bombing if we had peace. Hamas lives and dies for war. They have no interest in peace or the welfare of the Palestinian people. That is why Hamas (The Muslim Brotherhood) is outlawed in Egypt. They are a terror organization, and they do not care about Palestinians.

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2 Kommentare

William Bell
William Bell
01. Nov. 2023

People who are filled with hate rarely check the facts of claims that feed their anger and hatred. Only by the Holy Spirit can we "Love our enemies and pray for those who despitefully use us."

Gefällt mir

JJ Doolittle
JJ Doolittle
31. Okt. 2023

the younger generations are so naive. they think they know everything. "3,000 children have been killed in the Israeli bombings....blah blah blah" ugh. god help us educate their ignorance.

Gefällt mir
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