McCain Campaign: Thank you Jesse Part II


In Part II I want to seek to answer two questions:

1.Is it true that an Obama administration will lead America from its historic sixty-year, pro-Israel stance, which has been embraced by democrats and republicans alike? 2.Why would Jesse Jackson blurt out something so damning, weeks before the election?

There are only two people in the world that know Barack Obama’s true intention: Barack Obama—and God. However, if a detective were put on the case, he would look into Obama’s background; look at his past associations. Who has shaped him and mentored him and to whom had he looked for guidance. What do these people believe?

If someone wanted to know Ron Cantor’s worldview, all they would have to do is look to my mentors of which I have been fortunate to have had many, starting with my youth pastor 25 years ago, Bob Smith. Others include Dan Juster, Michael Brown, Eitan Shishkoff and Asher Intrater. Jerry Miller oversaw me when I first entered ministry, and more recently I have had the privilege of working with Wayne Hilsden of King of Kings Community in Jerusalem. All these men and others have shaped my worldview. If I were to suddenly try and run for office as a left-leaning-socialist-pro-abortion-atheist I would be discredited by my historic associations. I am a product of those men.

So while Barack Obama has virtually no record when it comes to Israel and was quick to denounce Jesse Jackson’s comments, there is no question that he has been shaped by a shady group of anti-Israel racists and America-hating socialists, including (can you hear Rush saying it?) the <pause> Reverend Jackson. In addition:

Jeremiah Wright:

Obama says of Wright’s racist rants, this is not the Jeremiah Wright I knew. So I guess they weren’t really that close. But then he says, I could no sooner disown him than I could the black community (Interestingly, Obama did disown him, later, after Wright’s reemergence and damaging interviews [and after taking a poll that told him that this is what Americans wanted of him]—so does that mean he has disowned his community as well?).

Obama denies ever hearing his hate-filled sermons, despite attending his Trinity United Church for 20 years. If the racist rants we have heard from Reverend Wright were not typical, it is all the more reason that Barack would have known about them.

Did you hear the pastor last week? He said that America deserved 9/11, claimed the CIA invented AIDS to kill black people and then blurted out, “God Damn America” …Oh, and he believes that the Pillsbury dough is a secret member of the KKK.”

Do you get my point? If it weren’t typical then half his stunned congregation would have been offended and left. It would have been the talk of the town and Obama would have certainly heard about it. If it was typical, as I suspect it was, then Obama could not have NOT known about Wright’s wrong views.

That makes Obama a liar or just plain stupid, and I don’t think he is stupid. What I have learned in this election is that whenever Obama denies something the media just assumes he is telling the truth. Instead of doing bold investigative reporting, they just take his word for it.

My guess is that Obama’s calendar would reveal many meetings with Wright over the past twenty years and a close mentoring relationship with the man who preformed his marriage ceremony. There is no doubt—he knew the real Wright.

Bill Ayers:

Imagine if Osama Bin Ladin’s name was Oscar Bildins, and instead of growing up in Saudi Arabia he was a product of San Francisco or Berkley. Now imagine that Oscar led a group that carried bombings against the United States. Would there be any justification for not punching this guy in face if you met him? Well it turns out that Barack runs with a guy just like that. This guy, Bill Ayers, hates America. His group, the Weather Underground, carried out a series of anti-American bombings on US soil over several years. Both his girlfriend and close friend were killed in a bomb making accident in 1970. He remains unrepentant.

While Obama denied in front of America that he began his political career Ayers’s home, consider this account from Dr. Quentin Young:

“I can remember being one of a small group of people who came to Bill Ayers’ house to learn that Alice Palmer was stepping down from the senate and running for Congress,” said Dr. Quentin Young…of the informal gathering at the home of Ayers and his wife, Dohrn. “[Palmer] identified [Obama who was with her] as her successor.”

Obama and Palmer “were both there,” he said. Dr. Young went on in the same interview to describe the sixties bomber and Obama as, “friends.” (2)

This guy, Dr. Young, is one of them! Why would he lie? On the other hand, Obama has the motive to lie. He is trying to distance himself from his former friendships and mentors. And besides, he knows the media will give him a pass.

While Obama claims to have barely known Ayers there is much evidence suggesting the opposite. They sat on the board of a charity together for many years that gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to—yes—ACORN. I sit on a board of a ministry here in Israel myself, and I must tell you, if I found out that one of the board members was a former, unrepentant, domestic terrorist it would be him or me. There would be no way we could both stay on the board. Yet Obama did not reject Ayers.

There are other radical associations. When Obama was accidentally caught on tape telling the know famous, Joe the Plumber, that he needed to, “share the wealth” he could have been quoting from Saul Alinsky’s socialist manifesto, Rules for Radicals, which was brazenly dedicated to Lucifer and boldly advocates the redistribution of wealth. In addition, his high school me