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Maoz Podcast Episode 008

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Note: Listening back I noticed I said, counting of the Omar, when it’s Omer 🙂

Ron Cantor and the Maoz Media team are back with the 8th episode of the Maoz Israel Report Podcast!

In this episode,  Ron and Chaim Goldberg discuss the breaking news of the week from Israel, including a new Palestinian effort to stop the ‘Judaization’ of Jerusalem, a major cyber threat against Israelhistoric news on Israel’s new natural gas supply and a preview of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Memorial Day and Israeli Independence Day.

Also, we talk about lack of freedom of the press or speech in Islamic nations: See Ron’s blog on this.

Also, Ron shares big news about his new book ‘Identity Theft’.  Plus Ron continues a special teaching series on ‘freedom to worship’ and Ron’s Israeli history lesson on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, continues.

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Show Notes:

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Link to Ron’s article explaining the word ‘Palestine’

Link to website for Ron’s new book ‘Identity Theft’

Video: Trailer for Ron’s new book

Ron’s teaching on worship:

1) Worship in Dance

2) Worship with a loud voice

3) Worship in silence

4) Sing a new song

5) Sing in tongues

6) Worship with passion

7) Worship with expectation of a visitation

8) Warfare

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