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Maoz Israel Podcast 001

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We pray that this podcast is informative, uplifting, educational, empowering and most of all, entertaining!

It will feature breaking news about Israel, insights into daily life as an Israeli, and fascinating segments about Israeli history. Also we’ll have a weekly Biblical teaching from a Messianic Jewish perspective and interviews with Israelis who are making an impact for the Kingdom of God in Israel.

In the coming days, the podcast will be available for download on iTunes. But we were just so excited about it, we wanted to share this sneak preview with you.

Enjoy the show, and be sure to leave us comments with your feedback!


Below are links to some of the topics mentioned in our first episode:

Chaim’s blog on voting for the first time in Israel: CLICK HERE

To read Ron’s explanation on the word ‘Palestine’: CLICK HERE

To read the Maoz Israel Report Magazine: CLICK HERE

The music at the end of the podcast is from Maoz’s ‘Sounds of Tel Aviv’ CD. To order a copy: CLICK HERE

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