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Is the Christmas story Jewish?!

Is the Christmas story actually Jewish?!

I have never celebrated Christmas—I have no cultural connection to it. But you can imagine my shock as a new follower of Yeshua when I discovered that the Christmas narrative is a very Jewish story! No, I don't mean what you see at the Vatican every year with the pope...I am referring to the words of Matthew and Luke.

Growing up, Christmas was the most “goyish” (non-Jewish) event. I enjoyed all the holiday lights; but honestly, all my friends were jealous that I got presents for eight days (Hanukkah) and they only had one day!

So when I started reading the New Testament after coming to believe Yeshua is the Messiah I was shocked to realize that what is known today as Christmas actually is a VERY Jewish story.

This holiday has been a great stumbling block for the Jewish people for hundreds of years—but it shouldn’t be! Again, I am referring to the narrative surrounding Yeshua's birth, not all the "trimmings" that came later.

In today’s video, I share more about this VERY Jewish story and answer some more of the Jewish objections to Jesus.

Thank you for praying for the Jewish people to come to salvation in Yeshua. Thank you also for supporting Shelanu TV as we share the gospel in Hebrew in Israel 24-7!

Until all Israel is saved (Rom.11:26),

Ron Cantor

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