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I've got GOOD NEWS!

Over the past few months, you have given quite a bit to a group of 104 soldiers that are fighting Hezbollah in northern Israel, on the border of Lebanon. They are so grateful for your partnership. Their commander is a man by the name of Dovev. He has a wife and three children who live in the south of Israel in a moshav (farming neighborhood). He grows all kinds of citrus and avocados. Some of his produce is sitting in my kitchen right now.

And I’ve got good news! Dovev and his soldiers are coming home for some R&R. We want to throw a massive party for the soldiers, their wives, and their children—about 230 people in all. I asked Dovev to address you directly:

For over 117 days, we have been guarding, patrolling, ambushing, and striking the enemy with force. We will continue to be the buffer between the citizens of the North and the State of Israel and the enemy. We are continuing our mission on the front lines.


We would be so grateful if you could help in our desire to host an evening of appreciation for the wives and families of the fighters, who have been there for us throughout the war and will receive us back at home with all that “home” implies. This war is not only for us but for you as well—a battle between good and evil, between democracy and terrorism. Am Yisrael Chai! (The People of Israel Live)


Thank you very much and may you continue to have peaceful and safe days,




The soldiers and commanders of Company C, Battalion 9203

Let’s go overboard in blessing and honoring them. We need about $12,500, and I have no doubt that we will receive that and more. And more is good because there are other needs. Noam, a soldier in Unit C, Battalion 6303, needs 21 military-grade flashlights. His unit is getting ready to go back into Gaza. This is the same group for which we provided helmets and bulletproof vests. You might remember last month that they held a ceremony for us (really you!) thanking everyone for their help. 

If you have 10 minutes (or five if you watch at 2x), listen to the words of Idan Amedi. He was the actor and singer who was wounded in battle a few weeks ago. After nearly dying, he has been visiting soldiers in the hospital, encouraging them. He gave a news conference today that will break your heart. 


Today in Part 6 of our series, Ron tours the BORDER FENCE area where Israelis battled terrorists (some were even disguised as IDF!!) for many hours on October 7 at Kibbutz Zikim.

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