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Holy Double Standard Batman!

Just imagine if a television show took a fake Obama head and impaled it on stake. Can you imagine the outrage?

Last week I posted on my Facebook account what I thought was a funny comment about the President.  I had read on (yes, I go to and even watch them on T.V.—I know, very un-PC these days, but I am tired of feeling like I have to apologize for it!) that President Obama was spending the night in his own bed in Chicago. I wrote:

“President Obama slept in his own bed last night in Chicago. I hope it soon becomes a nightly event ;-)”

I even added the creative winking eye thingy to make it clear that it was tongue in cheek. Let me be clear. I do hope he loses come November, but it wasn’t meant to be mean-spirited. Yet, I was stunned by the some of the responses I received. I was even accused of “gay-bashing”! (I also received 137 Likes! 95 comments! And 4 shares.)

I cannot remember a president, or any public figure for that matter, who was more off limits than President Obama. Even mild disagreement with him brings forth calls of intolerance andracism. Some acted as if I was calling for his head on platter.

Which, as it turns out, is fine, as long as it is President Bush’s head.

“In the same week that HBO is premiering a documentary about President George H.W. Bush, it has been revealed that the network’s popular drama ‘Game of Thrones’ used a modeled head of his son President George W. Bush in a grisly decapitation scene. (

One of the writers of the show responded, “It’s not a choice, not a political statement! We just had to use what heads we had around.”

That begs the question, how many of you think, that if the only head lying around was of President Obama, they would have stuck a wig on it and put it on a stake? I want to know what you think? Use the comment section below.

Ron’s Take: While I find the excuse hard to believe, it is almost worse that they had no political agenda, but simply utter disrespect for a US President. I almost would feel better about it if it had been a political statement. And so no one misunderstands me, while I am not fan of President Obama, I would never condone such an act if it were his image, or that of Bill Clinton or even Jimmy Carter, who has become in his latter years one of the greatest enemies of Israel.

So, what’s your take? Leave a comment!

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