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Gombi Trip Updates 1 thru 3

Dear Friends,

Freddie and I just landed in Abuja after a crazy flight from Ethiopia. We landed there this morning at 5 AM and found a place to sleep for a few hours. Our flight from Ethiopia taxied out to the runway but could not take off because of a problem with the aircraft.

They assured us that it would be fixed quickly. More than an hour later some of the passengers, mostly Nigerians, began to get nervous. Two men in particular decided they wanted answers. They stirred up a few others and then they had a small gang going for the cockpit. I followed behind with my camera phone not wanting to miss an adventure.

Next these men had everyone getting off the plane! They said that they wanted a new plane. And then, just as everyone except a few of us had left plane, they announced it was fixed. But the people wouldn’t hear it—they wanted a new plane. There was one group of women standing on the tarmac holding hands and praying for God to protect us. Others were hysterical not wanting to get back on the plane. “This is our lives! You must get us a new plane.” One woman, the last to reboard, said, “They are lying! They told Nigeria they switched the plane, but they didn’t.” She was terrified. I just wanted to take off, but not before I got the whole episode on video.

When we landed in Abuja, some yelled, some clapped, we all laughed. Onto more eternal things, we are trying to get a flight to Yola tonight, but might have to stay here in Abuja until morning. They are waiting for us in Yola. I am in my usual jeans and t-shirt, but I have to change into a suit because there a delegation there to greet us and a photo op.


After waiting for several hours in the airport the plane landed that was to take us to Yola. However we didn’t have seats. David, an airport ‘advocate’ of some kind had been commissioned by Mike Moses to get us seats, but we had not heard from him in hours. The plane was now completely loaded and ready to leave and we were still in the longue waiting on David.

Finally he came running into the longue and told us to grab our bags. We ran towards the plane. They had to reopen the baggage area to load our luggage. Soon we were on the flight—just barely. I have learned here not to panic, but simply trust God. He is never late!


At the airport when we arrived in Yola there was a delegation waiting for us. These young men and women were sent by their pastor to make sure we were welcomed into the city. The honor was way more than we deserved. I felt like the secret service was escorting us as the hurried us into two waiting cars and speed through the city with lights flashing.

Pastor Zaki, who sent them (means LION in the local dialect) is a warm man and I will be preaching at his church tonight. We arrived at the guest house. To my great delight there was air conditioning! It had been sprayed for mosquitoes but still I have seen one or two. This is not just an issue of mosquito bites, but Malaria. Please pray for protection against all sickness.

The expectation here is so high. Mike tells me that the pastors in Gombe are waiting for us. He tells me that God’s favor has been evident everywhere. He is an amazing administrator. I am so impressed with how he has organized this. Please continue to pray for us. Tonight we are expecting a demonstration of power. The goods news of Yeshua will go forth. I send another update when I can. Bless you all!!!

Committed with you to the Messiah’s Mandate,

Ron Cantor

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