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Donate $35 or more and get a signed copy of "Identity Theft." (eBook will be sent to overseas donors)
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For the past year-plus, many of my friends have been telling me, “You have to see THE CHOSEN!” So, finally, I did! And I was blown away. It is the most authentic representation of Yeshua on film that I have seen. It is true to his Jewishness: He is called rabbi; Miriam Hamagdalit (Mary Magdalene) hosts a Shabbat dinner; Nicodemus is compelling, and so much more. 


I was hesitant because I am super busy and quite honestly, most faith-based movies have bad acting and a cheesy script. But I am so glad I watched it! 


My response after seeing the first episode was: We have to get THE CHOSEN in Hebrew on Shelanu! And that is what we have done! 


This is a real game-changer. 


I believe that when Israelis see this, they will fall in love with the man in the movie. My colleague Asher Intrater, after graduating with honors at Harvard, began studying every religion but Jesus. When he finally read the New Testament, he said, “This guy is amazing!"—speaking about Yeshua. I believe Israelis will respond the same way to THE CHOSEN

But I need your help to make this happen!


As you know, producing a Hollywood-level series costs a lot of money. The people at THE CHOSEN did this without “Hollywood”-level funding. And still, it is amazing. We agreed to pay $40,000 for the first eight episodes. These funds will go towards creating powerful evangelistic films. They have to pay their actors, writers, producers, etc. We are thrilled to partner with them.


We need to raise these funds by mid-December when we plan to start airing these episodes in Israel on Shelanu TV. Please consider a special gift of $35, $50, or $100. Some of you may have the resources to give more. 

Just think, soon, instead of watching nonsense like Game of Thrones, Israelis will be watching THE CHOSEN and falling in love with Yeshua!

Or as the team at THE CHOSEN encourages people—#BingeJesus

Let’s make it happen!

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Ron Cantor
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I want to send you a thank you gift!

And guess what—when you give a gift of $35 or more, I am going to send you a signed copy of my book, Identity Theft. (We will include an e-Book version if you want to read it on your reader.)


I have rewritten the whole book. Identity Theft is a historical fantasy novel about a Jewish man going through a Scrooge-like angelic visitation. In 2022, Identity Theft will celebrate its 10-year anniversary! People loved this book and writing it was one of the greatest experiences of my life! But I have learned a lot over the past ten years, and we wanted to make it even better! In short, if you like the Chosen, then you will love Identity Theft!

Because of the high cost of shipping, we can only send the eBook to non-US donors. But it is just as good! We love and value you just as much!!!

Below are real testimonies from


I Loved! Loved! Loved! Identity Theft. Ron Cantor has written a beautifully illustrated book about the true Jesus of the Bible, as seen from the eyes of a Jew who wants to seek truth, period.


I was gripped by the fictional story to be sure, but more so by what I learned.


You will find yourself wanting to read "just one more page" until you realize that the book is finished. It's just that fast paced and fascinating.




I can't say enough about how much I love this book. I can't seem to hold onto it for very long, because I keep giving it away to friends, so I just keep buying more copies.


I cannot explain to you how thankful I am to have read it!


"Identity Theft" A Perfect Teaching Tool




Excellent! Very creative way to share the facts of how the Jewish Messiah has been misrepresented over the years! I liked it so much, I ordered 5 more copies


Ron shows us who Jewish Jesus really is.


I just finished reading this book. Fantastic! Incredible! A must read, mandatory for Jews and Christians alike.


I read this book in one sitting.


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