Where Do You Find Security?

I know what most of you will say—my confidence comes from the Lord! Oh really?

The truth is that we seek self-confidence from many areas. Many people find it in their talent or abilities:

  1. I sing amazingly—like an angel.

  2. Everyone tells me what a great preacher, writer, actress, etc. I am.

  3. Everyone ‘likes’ my pictures on Facebook.

  4. I am a beautiful model.

  5. I am successful at my job.

  6. I get straight A’s.

  7. And in Israel, I’m a big shot in the army!

Others get their confidence or self worth from their spouses, their children or friends. Many who are in ministry find their entire worth from what they do in ministry or the nice things that those they minister to, say about them. I know that I am often tempted to measure myself this way—and sometimes it makes me feel good about myself and other times like a failure.

  1. What happens when all that turns against you? How then will you cope?

  2. What if your spouse says, “I don’t love you anymore!” or worse, cheats on you!

  3. What if you are fired from the company where you assumed you were indispensible?

  4. Or you encounter better singers, smarter students and younger, more beautiful models?

What if everyone turned against you? Would you stand strong or panic like Macaulay Culkin in the picture above? Only then could you truly know if your confidence is in the Lord or other fleeting false foundations.

Young David is Attacked

I said all that to get to this. Before David was ever king he found himself in this exact situation. When he and his army returned to their camp in 1 Samuel 30, they found their encampment had been raided and burned to the ground. What was worse, the Amalekites kidnapped all the women and children and surely planned to make them slaves.

You are David! The hero that killed Goliath, the leader of a former ragtag band, now a fighting force and prophesied future king of Israel. If your confidence is in that, then you are in big trouble because right now your w