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What (I felt) God told me about the Election in September

NOTE: Dear friends, I know emotions are raw. The last thing I want to do is cause more pain. I did my best to write this in humility and not come across gloating—I certainly am not a fan of Joe Biden! If you disagree with me, I understand…let’s walk in peace and speak the truth in love. 🙂


>> In early September I had an unexpected experience, whereby I sensed the Spirit of God clearly tell me that Joe Biden would win the election. I wasn’t praying or asking God who would win—it was completely unexpected.

>> I heard: it is because of the Church’s idolizing of President Trump. (Not everyone in the body, but enough that God was upset.)

>> He said that this was not His original plan; He had intended Pres. Trump to serve four more year. But his will was that Christian (leaders) would provoke President trump to become more like Jesus, but instead they had become more like Trump (I could give many examples.). And many believers over the past four years have imitated his brash, mean-spirited behavior on social media. (Just look at the comments below for evidence!)

>> We have mingled political zeal with the Gospel, which has led us to an unholy concoction and deception, a message about issues lacking focus on the call to salvation—the central message of the New Testament.

>> This mixture has led to a plethora of, what appears to be, as of now, false prophecies regarding the election.

>> I immediately shared this on September 9th with Dr. Michael Brown, a trusted friend and mentor. I also shared this—before the election—with around 20 people, mostly leaders whom I respect, including Dr. Mark Chironna and Ward Simpson, as well as my own leadership team, to whom I am submitted.

>> I felt the Lord strongly visit me again early on election day, as I was questioning Him on the issue—”Did you really speak to me?” and He confirmed to me, that indeed Biden would win—it was with crystal clarity, such as I have rarely experienced. In that moment, it was as if it was already done—a fact. It was as if I could see the headline and see him being inaugurated. Of course, this is my subjective experience, and Christian leaders can judge it.

(Let me again say, I am not a fan of Joe Biden. I didn’t vote for him and have never voted for a democrat…I am just submitting to you what I believe God said to me.)

>> I share it with you now in hopes that we can repent of the misplaced loyalty and idolatry in a person or “brand” and be healed, pushing forward the task of sharing the Gospel in every nation and restoring our bruised image in the eyes of those who need salvation. Many non-believers have been shocked at the blind loyalty that many (not all) evangelicals gave and are giving to Trump. I recently saw a large banner on the highway in Florida that read, “In TRUMP we trust.” That is blasphemous.

>> And I do understand that many were ‘reluctant Trump voters’ who do not idolize him, but voted for platform issues, such as pro-life and Israel. I am in that category.

>> I submit this to you for your discernment. I am certainly fallible. I am sure many will disagree, and I am okay with that. May the love of Yeshua unite us all.

>> Written in November >> If you still believe God said Trump would have a second term and you should contend for that in the Spirit, then do what you feel God has called you to do. The warnings I’m sharing here stand just the same: we have mixed the Gospel with politics in an unhealthy way and have put our trust in Trump in an idolatrous way. Even if a miracle happened and he was, in fact, reelected, which seems less likely with each passing hour, proving the other prophets true, the warning here remains the same.


This is a heavy word and I share it with, not only fear and trembling before the Lord, but with great love and respect for fellow leaders who were certain that Donald Trump would win a second term. I have wondered for two months why God spoke this to me (assuming that it was indeed the Spirit of God) and now I believe I know why. In addition to reasons I will state below, He wants you to know that His kingdom is not dependent on an election or any pollical leader. If the Gospel can prosper under communists (see China) or the Roman Empire in the time of the apostles, how much more under Joe Biden? God is not shaken. He is not surprised. He is not panicking.

The fact is, we are living in emotionally-charged, difficult times; times when the Gospel can be swallowed up by politics, times when we can lose our focus. We must get back to the message of the Gospel. We can make a positive, political impact, but preaching Jesus (Yeshua) must be central.

Let me also share a few other points:

  1. I am a registered Republican, pro-life, pro-Israel, pro-Capitalism, pro-traditional family values. I have never voted for a Democrat for any office in my life.

  2. I know that emotions are raw. My heart goes out to my friends who were sure Trump would win. I am not writing this to cause any more pain, and certainly not to mock, but hopefully to bring some sense of peace—God is Sovereign.

  3. Lastly, I have no joy in writing this. As a dual citizen of Israel and the U.S. I have grave concerns regarding a Biden administration. I am just sharing with you what I felt the Lord shared with me.

I didn’t share this prophetic word publicly, but I did share it with several leader friends of mine: Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. Mark Chironna, Dr. Dan Juster, Asher Intrater, Paul Wilbur, Eitan Shishkoff, Ward Simpson and his wife Lydia, my wife Elana and a few others, including Alistair Geddes, who was the director of my Bible School many years ago. I shared it with them in case I would need to share it publicly later. I have counseled heavily with Dr. Brown and Ward Simpson, president of GOD TV, in writing this.

The word

In early September I was driving to Jerusalem when I began to receive, what felt like, divinely inspired thoughts. A heaviness and sobriety entered the car and it just felt like God was speaking to me—as if he was putting thoughts in my mind. I did not feel the presence of God in the normal way that most of us do—a sense of joy—but I felt a seriousness enter the car. He told me who would win the election and it was not who I expected!

Biden will win the election. Trump was supposed to win again, but this is judgment on the church (1 Peter 4:17) because people of God were supposed to win Trump to Jesus, but instead, many (not all) replaced Jesus with Trump. Instead of Trump becoming more like the Messiah, we became more like Trump. We became ugly, abrasive, mean and vengeful. Many in the church have turned Donald Trump into an idol and God will not share His glory with any man.


The lines became very blurred between Trumpism and Jesus-ism. I wrote a chapter about this in my recent book Birth Pangs, but stopped short of sharing the prophetic word that I had received. I did not want to be accused of changing someone’s vote (becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy—not that I am that influential). I also did not feel that I had enough of a track record of accuracy in prophecy, to share such a consequential word.

In addition, many high-profile prophets had emphatically declared that Trump was going to win. On many occasions over the past two months, I asked the Lord how it could be that I heard this right and all these prophets, some with proven track records over many years, were wrong? I have no track record of prophetic predictions like this. It is not the way God has used me in the past. In addition, I could not find one prophet that was saying what I heard—that Joe Biden would win. Clearly, I must have mis-heard.

COVID-19 and the prophets

But, going back to COVID-19, it seemed that most of the trusted prophetic voices were off. (We devoted four chapters in Birth Pangs to exposing the problems in the prophetic movement.) So many said the plague would end in April—some said at Passover. Many said it would have little to no effect. One said God would protect America from Coronavirus because of President Trump’s policies and another prophesied in February, speaking for God, saying, “I am removing the threat of this.” It seemed like God was confusing these prophetic ministries (see Micaiah). Interestingly, not one that I know of has repented for false COVID-19 prophecies. Let me say it again, there were dozens of high profile false prophecies, I have not seen on of these men or women ask for forgiveness. (I have seen two try and justify their words.)

I have some thoughts as to why so many could have missed it so spectacularly, but I will save it for another blog. (Start here)

Others also Heard this Word

After the election, I also realized that more than likely, many others had heard this from the Lord, but like me, did not feel it was right to share it publicly. Just this morning, I received a message from a Dr Michael Brown, that a credible pastor friend shared with him something very similar to what I sensed. This is what he said:

“When I pray, I keep having it impressed on me. I don’t often invoke the prophetic, but I believe I have heard from heaven. Trump is done. After all the court fights, he will no longer be president. God has allowed his removal because of the idolatry of the church. God used Trump for four years, but like Gideon’s ephod, an idol was made of the tool [see Judges 8:27]. God will not share His glory, nor the affection of His bride.”

[Note: We published this blog on November 8th. I have since heard from high profile prophetic leaders and many others who did hear similar things.]

Leaders reveled in Trump’s Aggression

Jerry Falwell, Jr. is a perfect example of the problem. He was the first evangelical leader to embrace Trump and it turns out, he was far more like Trump, than Trump was like Jesus. Christian leaders who would have confronted Bill Clinton over his sin, made excuses for Trump’s behavior. That is just Trump being Trump. I heard a famous Christian leader publicly thank President Trump for his sacrifice of leaving his good life to serve America—as if President Trump doesn’t love every second of being president. Prophetic leaders confront sin in political leaders, like Nathan did David; false prophets pile on the flattery. (See the false prophet Zedekiah in 1 Kings 22:11-12)

Some Christian leaders even love his machismo and began to emulate it. This is not the Spirit of God. They acted like the Trump family was a model for America, when in fact, it a dysfunctional, broken clan, full of adultery and divorce—children from three different wives. Of course anyone can be forgiven, and I pray that they all find salvation in Jesus, and certainly God can use imperfect people, present company included, but what I’m talking about is holding up a broken family as an example of goodness, virtue and sacrifice to the nation.

False Healing

Many believers were intimidated by the world, but found their identity in Trump’s boldness. Some were ashamed when people mocked them for their faith or conservative values. They love