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What a crazy time we are living in…keep your eyes on heaven!

When you travel a lot, and your family lives on two continents, it is rare to celebrate a birthday with all the kids, my sister, Elana, and my parents, all in the same city. Yesterday was really nice to have everyone together. We enjoyed a great lunch together, and part two will include our Mother’s Day cookout on Sunday night. On Sunday morning, I will be preaching locally at Central Virginia AOG, just outside Richmond.

Eurovision and Pro-Palestinian Protesters

You know something’s up when radical Islamic terrorists are joining forces with climate activist Greta Thunberg! Yesterday was the second semi-final of Eurovision. Young Greta is the poster child for outrage without knowledge. She represents millions of college-aged young people worldwide who are completely ignorant of the history of Israel.

  • They don’t know that the Arabs rejected a state in 1936 (Peel Commission).

  • They don’t know that they rejected a similar state in 1947 (UN Partition Plan).

  • Or, had they accepted Israel's independence in 1948, they would’ve controlled all of the West Bank, most of Jerusalem and Gaza.

  • They don’t know that in 1999, after signaling to President Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak that he would accept a peace deal, Yassar Arafat rejected it (97% of the West Bank and half of Jerusalem) and went back to the region and launched a deadly war against Israel.

So it is no wonder that there were up to 12,000 pro-Palestinian protesters at the second semifinal for Eurovision yesterday, where Israeli Eden Golan performed her song, Hurricane, based on the October 7 massacre. 

The Official Video. The hole in her shirt is supposed to be a bullet hole. The dancers are hostages. The upside-down tree symbolizes Israel being uprooted.

During dress rehearsals the day before, she was booed throughout her song. She skipped the opening gala in order to attend a memorial service for Holocaust Remembrance Day (my guess is that it was encouraged by her Israeli security team). 

Eden booed off stage

Now, let me be clear: I am no fan of Eurovision. It is a pro-LGBTQ love fest. This year’s favorite to win is a boy in a skirt named “Nemo,” who claims to be non-binary. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it means there are more than two genders, and he, I mean “they,” is one of them. Of course, I do not agree with this. But I do love Israel. And since all of Europe votes on this, it is very interesting to see if the people of Europe agree with the college campuses or the Islamic-filled downtown areas of Europe. If you go to any major city in Europe, whether London or Paris, you might think that you are in Baghdad or Damascus because of the massive Arab immigration.

I used a VPN so Elana and I could watch Eden Golan sing. At the end of the competition, they announced those who would go through. Six of the 16 would be eliminated, and Eden/Israel passed through to tomorrow’s finale. And not just that, Newsweek is reporting,

“Despite the protests against Israel competing at the Eurovision Song Contest this year, they are now the second favorite to win the competition behind Croatia…Israel's Eurovision 2024 odds have been slashed from 50/1 to 3/1 after Semi-Final 2. This has seen the country jump from eighth place to second favorite to win Saturday's grand finale.”

So, not only has Nemo, the non-binary non-fish, moved down, but Israel has moved up! Tomorrow will be the finals. If Israel finishes first or even in the top five, it shows that for all the noise that people are making against Israel, Europe is with her.

What a crazy time we are living in…keep your eyes on heaven!

PS. Last week we posted a version of the video that is much more powerful. It tells the true story of the song.

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