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WATCH! What an amazing meeting with nearly 2,000 young adults in Brazil!

Shabbat Shalom!

I want to thank you all who prayed for me yesterday. We had an amazing meeting with nearly 2,000 young adults. I made a video update for you. 

But I also wanted to tell you that my executive assistant wrote an amazing children’s book. It is about a six-year-old girl who faces a GIANT…bug…in her shoe!! (I’m told this is based on a true story 😊) It’s a fun, faith-filled story about how to be brave with God’s help when we are faced with giants of any kind. Please check it out here and buy a copy for your child or grandchild (and share the word about it with your friends)!

Today, I am with leaders from a group of gentile pastors called Tikkun Brazil. This is something I never imagined: That non-Messianic, Gentile churches would want connection with us in Israel and would even take our name. A similar thing is happening in the Spanish-speaking world in Europe and Asia. A network in Holland seeks the same connection, and we will be there in July. They don’t all use the name “Tikkun,” but they are attracted to two things:

1.     Our leadership principles of team ministry and covenant relationships between leaders.

2.     They want to be in relationship with like-minded congregations in Israel.

To be clear, they are not “under” in any way. It is a mutual love and respect. They want to see God’s kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven, and they understand that Jerusalem plays a big role in the End Times and the Second Coming. From our perspective, this is amazing because we are a small remnant. We need our non-Jewish brothers and sisters.

Today, I will be answering questions and sharing them with them all day.

We still have two churches on Sunday and a podcast on Monday morning. I am told this podcast is the number one podcast in Brazil for young adult believers.

I would greatly appreciate your prayers. Please cover my family in prayer. I feel very small and weak when I look at the task. I know that the enemy hates what we are doing. It is no small thing to call thousands of people to bless Israel—I do it with fear and trembling, seeking to humble myself before God.

Again, thank you again for covering me and my family in prayer. 

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